Good thing it's Friday

Normally Friday is the preferred day to drop certain subjects, either something the droppers want to be on all the weekend - especially Sunday - 'news' talk shows and 'news analysis' programs or to allow a couple of days for it to die down if such exposure is not desired. From the point of view of the cabal of course. The declining relevancy of TV programming on Sunday or any other day has not changed the practice and neither has the presence of one moderately non-conformist channel - ironically the biggest one.

It does seem that the cabal may have gotten to Fox, and Tucker at least didn't hit them as hard last night. Tonight remains to be seen. However it goes, the damage is done. It's a matter of being another brick knocked out of the wall. A matter of enough bricks in the enough of the right places.

Certainly having this happen on Friday was a stroke of luck. It happened early in the day, suggesting a serious situation since late Friday is preferred. The name Enron came up, and I took a look at it. Enron was 70-some billion, something over a hundred billion in today's dollars. SVB was 200 billion. Ouch.

The reference to Enron though may have been more a comment on the mechanicals of the affair. Incompetence and greed breaking it down and coverups on top of coverups until there was nothing left to cover with. As some say, you can't taper a Ponzi.

I saw Enron coming two years or more before it broke. I had insights (tech industry type) that the news people didn't, all following the script, and saw the cracks become unsealable. And knew without waiting for the investigation how it happened.

Markets were already going down and this hit it good. A couple days to spin the news and they'll probably recover. Drop some good news early Monday, or late Sunday.

There is no such thing as 'the health care industry'. There is only a Medical Industry.

Health care consists in caring for one's physical self in such a way as to maintain good health and avoid illness or injury for as long as possible before age has its way.

Some have observed there is no money to be made from dead people, other than the relative pittance for the funeral industry, and none to be had from healthy people. As they say, the profit is in between. And the profit to be had is enormous, and there is no shortage of scavengers to collect it. Like the floating body of a dead whale, surrounded by creatures large and small, nibbling and gnawing at any accessible area with larger ones taking the chunks their jaws enable them to tear away, while the smaller ones feast on the scraps. The smell of death and decay troubles them not at all. And their hunger is never satisfied.

The vulnerable population of a developed and prosperous society provides a vast herd of hosts for the parasites of the Medical Industry. And they do not hesitate to create customers, whether by using advertising to create fear in the population to drive them to the doctors and pharmaceutical providers, or conspiring with the government to create medical 'emergencies'. But those matters require a separate examination.

In this case we look at the little parasites and scavengers, the ones who operate medical facilities and provide the supplies and services to operate them. Like their animal counterparts they are nothing more than eating machines, blind and unreasoning, consuming as much as they can of whatever is available.


Because it is there and they are what they are. In the animal world such organisms are described as opportunistic feeders.

But how do human beings become as them?

To paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton 'I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the evil of men.'

~ Quiescent Benevolence 1663176911

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