They'll save this one but....

Sadly this will if necessary be bailed out by the taxpayers. Besides it being a paragon of wokeness and the repository of funds of many tech startups that would have failed at a rate of 90-plus percent, it was the repository of massive amounts of money belonging to various celebutards. While many among the sane population see it as pure karma (I being one) they certainly will be rescued from their stupidity by the regime. Many who are too stupid to live do so anyway.

So Joetato needs to revise his budget and add another half trillion for bailouts. Or an entire tril to be on the safe side. They'll need some to shift over to the Ukraine black hole.

That budget will likely prove to be the one test Speaker McCarthy must pass, or the small gains in the midterms are of little consequence. He must go to the mat because the regime will and they will not give up. Every time in the past when the Republicans tried it they blinked. Blinking now may be as close to fatal as they can get.

To be sure the exposure of the 6 January affair has been productive, as much as can be expected. As have the Plandemic revelations. And while the J6 attention (already muted by Fox, almost certainly under threats from the regime) will produce some converts it is an incremental process. Of course the Plandemic effects are continuing and may yet escalate. The J6 victims are suffering in a gulag and will probably continue to do so for another two years but they at least knew what might happen. The Quackzine is reaching out and killing innocents - children who were jabbed by their parents' choice are completely innocent, and those coerced through threats to their very survival as self-respecting humans are victims.

The few situations in which I would approve of capital punishment are those of mass murders by governments, whether totalitarian regimes in Nazi Germany, Russia, or China or in the corporatocracy under which we live. Nuremberg 2.0 should have one or more doctors trials just for the Medical Industry conspirators, with the garden-variety dictators such as governors and government agency heads having their own tribunals. I wonder, if I could select a couple dozen or so for the big trial, who would they be? There are plenty of candidates, and enough to have a series of lesser trials in addition to the doctors.

BANKING Published March 11, 2023 2:56pm EST

Home Depot co-founder torches 'woke' Silicon Valley Bank collapse, warns recession may be here already

Banks are more concerned with 'global warming' than shareholder returns, Bernie Marcus argued

Kayla Bailey | Fox News 24 seconds ago

Guy on Zerohedge put up some screenshots of the SVB website before the crash. First pic is people, two female caucasians, one female black, just the top of the lower half you can see part of a white

male and a black male. Another pic of three non whites. Then some telling out about DEI and ESG. Oh, and last week they hired a "risk officer". No tears here, for them or their customers.

jimmycrackcorn 8 minutes ago

This is what happens when you vote for a vegetable who's never even had a job. Reply. Share

jeremyrnr058 8 minutes ago

This bank is the definitive woke bank. This is the Silicon Valley bank. You can argue all you want about the definition but this bank is woke central.

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igormagnificent 1 minute ago

And like FTX and Burisma energy, its real purpose was to divert money to the DARK WEB where it go immediately to work STEALING ANOTHER ELECTION. How did you think the swamp was financing the 2024s?

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