The world doesn't want to be saved

Generally regarded as just a cheesy line from a cheesy film.   Probably there is more sense in the Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood films than in the Oscar winners for the past fifty years or so.

The world that does not want to be saved is the one we are unfortunately stuck in.   At the moment regular people are trying to survive in their little corners of it.   Whether an indigenous person trying to find sustenance for tommorrow or a small businessman or employee of one, or for that matter most of the employees of the Amazons and Wal-Marts, the future is precarious.   It's just a matter of degree, how much or how little you have to lose.   If that makes any sense, and perhaps it doesn't.

Whether it was the dot-com boom/bust or the various bubbles since, millions upon millions of little people got squashed while the squashers move on to the next scam.   In the SVB affair, the insiders (at least the special ones) cashed out just in time, and the bank even paid bonuses just in time.   So being a a minion sometimes pays.

This may or may not be the beginning of the end.   Whatever it is that is ending.   Certainly not the current regime.   For better or worse it has at a minimum another twenty-one months or so before a change can begin.   And that will take a colossal disruption in the current environment.

Not that the seeds are not there.   Depending on the fallout from the latest debacle.   Regular people have been getting squashed for two years, and in many states voted to retain the oppressors or replace them with an identical replacement.

The division continues , but a census realignment is years away, so such a disruption will have to be organic, in order to overcome the entrenched fraud machinery. Only some kind of awakening (maybe even an awakening of the "woke") will be necessary.   Whether it happens in time to save the Republic remains to be seen.

A friend who is pretty good with these things (although somewhat younger) believes that a disruption will occur, whether in the next election cycle or a later one.   He suspects that a Franco-type authoritarian will emerge, with popular support.   I can see it, and for the most part the only people with anything to fear are the ones causing the problems.

Tibor: Before you go out there to save the world, I can tell you something.   The world...   it doesn’t want to be saved.

Scott: Your world, maybe. Not mine.

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