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The alphabet news is all abuzz or whatever the term is these days. Former president Donald Trump is expected to be arrested on Tuesday by New York state authorities for a federal campaign finance violation.

OK, obviously the only objective is harm Mr. Trump in any possible way, however small. Or however illegal. The probability is that the case will be thrown out almost immediately, given the lack of jurisdiction. Certainly it won't very far up the judicial food chain and even if there is a trial at some point it will be years away, after the presidential election.

At this point I suspect that it is purely insatiable hatred if the left that drives this. It is as likely to help Trump as to hurt him. But blind unreasoning hatred it just that - unreasoning.

If they do go ahead as expected, the problems begin right away. What happens if the Secret Service refuses to allow him to be handcuffed and transported in a police vehicle? Has the dimwits even considered that? If they insist on delivering him to the processing center the spectacle is lost. Media outside the facility mindlessly pontificating and asking stupid questions one can see 24/7/365 on their outlets.

Will they deny him bail, keep him in jail for as long as possible? That quickly becomes problematical. They certainly like the distraction from the other problems but a very small part of the population (mostly the part that already insanely hates Trump) watches it. And in any case a higher court would eventually grant it.

House Speaker McCarthy has already promised to conduct an investigation into the investigation, and as we have seen he keeps his promises. Whatever moment of joy they experience will be fleeting. But that is the mind of the minions of the cabal.

President Trump should have not commented, and certainly should not have asked his supporters to protest. Or if so to do so "peacefully and lawfully". The regime is already preparing - and this is where federal involvement in this supposedly state matter will be clear - a false flag attack. As has been demonstrated, dissenters will not show up to dissent, given that over a thousand languish in the J6 gulag and as many more arrests are planned.

So the feds will recruit a few hundred (at least) Burn Loot and Murder types, have them take a bath and put on clean clothes, and show up to pretend to be Trump supporters. Perhaps a few of the actors who play white supremacists will be pressed into service. It is to be hoped that no misguided patriots will show up, but they may groom a few they've been preparing for a fedsurrection, the way mentally ill persons are groomed to perpetrate mass shootings and attacks on leftist politicians. But I suspect any disturbance will be completely synthetic, and if any people are arrested they will be quietly released without bail and the charges dismissed.

There is a danger though, from the aggrieved population. And if we end up with our pathetic army intervening in Ukraine or some conflict to be created later, the draft will come back. And a lot people realize it. Unfortunately the regime has over a year and a half to continue the destruction, and the upcoming election will not deter them. They are convinced they have it in the bag. Sadly, they may be right. At what point the pot comes to a full boil remains to be seen .

DONALD TRUMP Published March 18, 2023 1:54pm EDT

Trump-Stormy Daniels settlement at heart of potential NY DA indictment didn't violate campaign law: FEC expert

Former president says will be indicted next week in case over alleged hush money payment

By Aaron Kliegman | Fox News

18 seconds ago

"If the state charges are based on a supposed violation of federal campaign finance law, then the Manhattan DA is way off base." Uh, yeah. But the law means nothing to the lawless. If the case isn't dismissed immediately, which is likely, it will be as it moves up the food chain. Which matters not to the demoncrats, they just want the show, and to damage Trump as much as possible. And to satiate their insane hatred. Things are just crazy enough now that he just might be elected a third time. I do believe he should clarify his message to "protest peacefully and lawfully". The regime tools, and make no mistake there will be feds involved, will stage some kind of "riot" or whatever they want to call it. Probably have some of the Burn Loot Murder crowd to take a shower and put on some clean clothes. And some of the fake white supremacist actors they use.


6 minutes ago

All Trump paid was a non-disclosure agreement. An NDA. These are common in business and personal actions. The really bad part was that Stormy Daniels, was paid by Trump, but her lawyer Michael Avenatti stole that money from her. Trump is the wrong target.

"You've heard the example of boiling a frog, haven't you?" Gordon asked. "Yeah." Jessica said. "Slowly. The way we've been taken over."

"There's another example that uses boiling water." Gordon said. "You've seen it, if you fill a pan with water, as if to boil eggs. As the water heats, you can see bubbles form on the bottom of the pan, nearest the heat source. A few, and then more. A lot more, and first one rises to the top. Then another, and more. And then suddenly..."

"The water is boiling."

"Exactly. The regime sees the occasional bubble, even sees them become more frequent. Then the whole thing erupts. And all the while, it never occurs to them to turn off the heat. Until it's too late."

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 NAVY Published March 18, 2023 7:00am EDT

Navy secretary cited climate change as top priority as Biden proposes shrinking the fleet

The Biden administration proposed cutting two ships from the Navy in its 2024 budget plan

By Peter Kasperowicz | Fox News


5 minutes ago

Young people would do well to avoid the military. It's obvious that Biden's Pentagon is more interested in virtue signaling than readiness and training for the inevitable conflict with China. When that happens you can bet relearning the lessons of the past will take time and those currently serving will be sacrificed to buy that time.

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They'll start the draft again, no doubt. I didn't dodge in '70 (even after a cousin died in Vietnam in '68) and would have gone if called. Today, no way. And make no mistake, unless there is serious reform such as can happen only if a Reagan-type president is elected in 2024 and has significant majorities in both houses, there will be a war and a draft. And if you don't think it will be rigged to hit the red states hardest you need to wake up.




6 minutes ago

Good news is climate change will not be an issue when we are taken over by China. Great job Biden

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