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Since the New Yawk family of the US branch of the cabal is still getting its story as straight as a ball of writhing tubifex worms can be made it seems the arrest of the former president is on hold for now. Perhaps the idea that the Secret Service might not allow the perp walk, which would is the main point since the leftards (and there are probably 30 million or so) would orgasm simultaneously when it appeared on their favorite alphabet news channel, maybe they want to adjust some things. The simian minion apparently couldn't even do a simple on-camera statement (he probably can't read as well as even the White House spoxidiot) so a spoxidiot for his office read it.

Anyway, my usual friends on the Fox News website were having their usual fun over the second cup of coffee, before the first cigar. In my case anyway. So when yet another Idaho murder article showed up...

News comments are usually short and rarely lack much depth. Fox, having a more intelligent audience, has a few regulars who are pretty good. I've become acquainted with a few. Today the subject was the adoption of the firing squad as a means of execution. Idaho appears ready to adopt the firing squad as a method, apparently as a backup should a lethal injection be non-viable for some reason.

Naturally that was the subject of most comments. I found my friend HypCryme's comment interesting, as usual. He mentions the Hi-fi Murders, the Wichita Massacre, and the Knoxville Horror as a few (of many) examples of more shocking crimes than the ones (awful as they were) in Idaho.

Of course Gary Gilmore, probably the most notable such execution in modern times. was mentioned. I found the comment of birddog63 ironic, as Drano (or a similar product) was used in the Hi-fi Murders. And of course HypCryme, with considerable knowledge of crime, was no doubt aware of Gilmore's connection to the Hi-fi Murders, as he spent time on death row with the killers. I believe as he was leaving to pay up he said something like "See you in Hell, Pierre and Andrews". And as usual, the two black killers, their crimes predating Gilmore's and massively more horrific, would not pay up until some years after Gilmore heard the executioner's song, or whatever that means.

I agree that novelty is a factor, as white criminals despite being drawn from a much larger population pool are relatively uncommon, and in the host horrific crimes downright rare, usually in the form of a Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy. Conversely the much larger numbers from the black population, and coming in an unending stream, make it hard to choose cases for special attention.

TRUE CRIME Published March 21, 2023 10:47am EDT

Idaho murders: State Senate passes bill to reinstate execution by firing squad

Bryan Kohberger could face the death penalty if convicted of killing four University of Idaho students

By Michael Ruiz | Fox News


Will he say "let's do it" like Gary Gilmore. BTW, before he said that Gilmore said something to the guys on death row with him. You think this guy is a monster, Google "Hi-fi Murders". And just for fun read about the Wichita Massacre and the Knoxville Horror and a few others. This one's about white guy though, so it gets all the attention. It's the novelty of it I'm (not) sure.

birddog63 drano will do in a pinch

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