Mumbling Yellin

This creature is truly vile but is difficult to pigeonhole.   Brillo Head is a genuinely stupid person, but is easy enough to understand.  A low-IQ offspring of low-quality ancestry, failing to get into medical school (that was twenty years ago - today she would get in on DEI) she got an AA degree in Public Affairs, which is somewhere near gender studies in relevance to the real world.  Yellin is a little different, being older. To be sure she's an AA product (did you know that at the time most AA beneficiaries were white? Because they were women.) Education in economics, New Keynesian economics, taught at Harvard. 

Appointed to the Federal Reserve by Slick Willie her career path was assured.  She would eventually be elevated by Ovomit to the top position, but when President Trump had the good sense to allow her term to lapse instead of renewing she went to a cabalist think tank until another opportunity to serve her masters at the highest level.  Joetato appointed her Secretary of the Treasury. 

In the past bureaucrats were at least reasonably intelligent.  Guys like Kissinger and Baker were reasonably smart.  It certainly deteriorated during the Slick Willie era, the decline really got going then.  The likes of Albright and Reno and Espy would be followed by low-IQ criminal types like Lynch and Holder.  Bush 43 was given the usual neocon crew, but they were pretty smart for liberals.  Trump had some bright ones but most were globalists and in any case he prevented from having a second term.

Yellin is really no smarter than the spoxidiot, and reads her script no better. 

One wonders though, what goes on in the heads of these creatures.  Are they like dogs and cats, their limited intelligence causing them to a pure stimulus-response existence even though they have the physical form of a higher organism.  A friend of mine describes them as "no brain, no pain." He may be right.

A farmer, architect, and economist were debating whose profession was the oldest.

The farmer pointed out the fact that Adam and Eve and their sons were farmers.

The architect then related how the Master Architect hung the planets and the stars and created order out of chaos.

The architect looked smugly at the economist who just shrugged his shoulders and said, "who do you think created the chaos?"

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