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The fed is doing what it always does in its efforts to manage the economy, and results vary because the causes for problems, real or perceived, vary. Presumably some see that reducing rates to near zero for any length of time was idiotic, but leaving them there for over twenty years insanity. Its only result was to destroy the value of millions of working people and encourage insane behavior by those who prefer to enrich themselves through alternatives to honest work.

What did you think would happen? is merely a variation on What were you thinking?, although in the latter case the answer might be 'literally nothing'.

The fed is trying to plug leaks while the remainder of the regime is drilling more holes.

Thinking nothing, or not thinking, is what the entireity of the regime's minions are doing. They are obeying the orders of the managers, and on intelligence required, in fact the higher the intelligence the less manageable they are.

So the anticipated arrest of President Trump did not occur as expected, and seems to be in some doubt.

The simian minions such as the New York DA , the the New York AG , and the Fulton County (Atlanda) Georgia DA are chosen for their willingness to follow orders to the letter (although the simultaneous effect of insulting the higher-class citizenry and wreaking destruction generally). Their low intelligence makes the rewards of wealth power (particularly power to harm white people - the hate is strong in these creatures) guarantees compliance. The assurance that there will be no punishment for their crimes is a given.

Of course that assurance is contingent on the cabal never losing power, or at least not in their lifetime. Minions like Fauci and Meritless, Pillosi and Frankenfeinstein likely will be dead before the positions are reversed.

And of course, if the forces of good should rise up and prevail, they will not have purges with mass imprisonment and executions. Unfortunately.

Still, one never one knows.

POLITICS Published March 22, 2023 6:43pm EDT

Senator Warren blasts Fed's Jerome

Powell on banks, rates

Massachusetts progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren has made it clear in the past that she is no fan of Jerome Powell's

By Breck Dumas | FOXBusiness

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Meanwhile, we learn that JP Morgan Chase owned bags of material kept in a Dutch warehouse that were supposed to contain nickel but turned out to be full of stones, people

familiar with the matter said. I wonder how much gold and silver supposedly in the possession of the big banks is real, and how much of the real stuff is in the hands of

the 30-40 million preppers. My holdings are small compared to most, and is the high sixes.



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