Another one

They had another one today.   They happen at the most convenient times.   I might as well say it now, more are coming.   As Chad C. Mulligan defined 'coincidence' in the Hipcrime Vocab, "You weren't paying attention to the other half of what was going on."

Normally they serve two purposes: 1) distract attention from something else and 2) generate support - ephemeral and insincere as it is - for more anti Second Amendment legislation. The latter rarely has any effect beyond the few days the event is in the news, thus the repetition.   The former works about as well as usual.

What are they distracting from? The circus in New York with Fat Alvin and his clumsy attempts to carry out a plan that his masters didn't quite think through.   The general disgust with the regime and continuing revelations about Joetato and the Biden Crime Family.   That sort of thing.

So we get yet another mass shooting.   A school mass shooting againg, as children get the most attention.   A slight twist this time, a tranny (biological male masquerading as female) goes into a church school (small, about 25 staff and 150 students) hence no security or expectation of a need for it.  

The tranny perp may or may not be intentional.   The bonus of hitting a religions school may outweigh the negative of a perp that is a member of a privileged group.   In any case the regime cares nothing for individual members as they are tools to be used as necessary and discarded if need be.   It isn't the first time, there have been a couple of others in recent months.   They do get less attention if it is a less shocking workplace shooting or something similar.

Others have explained the process, as I have, so a quick outline will suffice:

1. Locate potential tools:
a. Young males are best for school shootings, adults for workplace shootings.   Caucasian is best.

b. Mental unstability.   Can be detected through social media interaction, with on-the-ground investigation to confirm target.

c. Past behavior (violence, threats) is a bonus.

2. Locate targets:
a. Schools get the most attention and generate the most outrage.

b. Public places with high traffic, mainly shopping centers.

c. Government facilities may be selected for special effect, but security may cause problems (e.g. stopping the perp before the action starts)

3. Prepare the weapon:
a. Anonymous interaction on social media.   Analyze the mental state, use multiple personas to create an illusion of support.   This is similar to the methods used to entrap potential child predators - many of those arrested have never committed a crime but allowed themselves to be lured into an attempt.

b. Do on-the-ground surveillance.   Verify the identity, ability to access weapons (whether arrangements will be needed), and learn about the reputation of the tool in the community.

4. Keep multiple tools ready for launch.   Skilled operators can keep a suggestible person in a ready state for a long time.   And since there is always some uncertainty as some may misfire.  

5. Launch the weapon.   Again this has some uncertainties, but precision is not required as the main objective is diversion and propaganda.

6. Exploit the event.   Tip "news" media personnel, plant people to show up at the scene and be interviewed.   Prepare and distribute talking points.

Thus we have another nominally regular school shooting.   A good one, from the puppet masters point of view.   Three young children and three adults.   Let me pause to admit that the ability to comprehend the sort of evil that can even contemplate such causing such a thing to happen is beyond me.   But perhaps the puppet masters rationalize it as a few small sacrifices for the greater good.  

One of the earmarks is the media response.   Crisis actors go exist and have been observed in the past, but whether the non-resident person who just happened to be in the vicinity, and was available to spew an anti-gun rant.   She shouldn't have admitted that she had been in DC lobbying for anti-gun legislation, but maybe she ad-libbed it.   Either way it was unconvincing.

Joetato made a few jokes before reciting his comments about the need for "assault weapon" bans.   The banality of evil.

"Let me show you what I've got on the operation. It's about what I expected. But you need to see, before we get too deep into this, what it may involve."

"Just a quick question," Jessica said, "not that it would let anyone off the hook. Was Roger vaxxed?"

"He was. I didn't know until he'd already done it, but he had to take it or lose his job. And at that time we didn't know what we know now."

"It wouldn't have mattered," said Jessica. "The whole world went nuts. They killed a lot of people. And most of the medical people, if they weren't already indoctrinated, were afraid to resist."

"Still won't," Alex said. "Then the hospitals were blaming every death on Covid, before long they'll be blaming the vax."

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