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Most people who pay attention realize that.   By the way, the incident on Monday was pretty clearly an engineered operation.   Alex Jones gets these things half right and half right usually ends up being all wrong.   He thinks they're faked, but they're real enough.   Just not what they appear to be. As I and others have observed, it isn't an exact science, so precision isn't possible.   Probably they wanted it to happen on their "day of vengeance" .   Precision isn't possible with these things, unless you do you own end-to-end false flag operation.  

I don't know just how bad was the lot of the average French peasant, but in any case they didn't start the revolution.   If accounts of it are to be believed, they did congregate at the guillotine to enjoy the show.  

I can see why.   It's human nature for most humans.   I'm not a vindictive person (I confessed somewhere once to having felt a pang of pity for Ted Bundy as he was dragged to his doom.   A human being was about to lose his life and was helpless to avoid it, and that must be an awful feeling, one I don't want to experience. If I can have that much empathy for a veritable monster (insane as he obviously was) I should for any human being.   If that makes any sense.

I wonder if today I would feel it for those who enjoy their moment of triumph, such as it is, fleeting as it will be.   A member of a particularly odious television spectacle, probably the nadir - certainly somewhere near it - of the current decline of the Republic regularly displays her complete disassociation from reality. A typical denizen of the regime propaganda machine, she is educated and has some experience as a lawyer, is married to a member of the Medical Industry, and has a multi-million dollar contract with a state-run media outlet hardly anyone actually watches.

And there are the celebutards who serve the regime, manufactured "stars" who will do the bidding of their masters no matter how evil or ridiculous.   I wonder if they ever manage, or try, to distinguish between the two.  

And the political animals have even less of a defense, as they choose - mostly - from the beginning to sell whatever soul they have.   Some are corrupted, beginning with good intentions, but they are the minority.

So I suppose that whatever form it takes - probably not the guillotine but who knows - while I would not show up to cheer and jeer, my empathy reservoir would be depleted by then.

Revolutions are not made by peasants with pitchforks. They are made by the intelligentsia (or what passes for it) and those of the social classes with an economic or political interest, or both. Sometimes aided by external forces. After the revolt is underway and opportunities for looting and revenge (not necessarily upon the rulers) are presented the peasants will join in. They are useful for propaganda, and sometimes as shock troops, but not much else.

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