They finally did it

Well, Fat Alvin finally did it, apparently.   So far it's only an announcement from the Trump oganization.   Whoever made the decision (most likely a committee) must have had some debate and the stupider side won.

Perhaps it was the need to keep the enthusiasm left up in the base, whatever is left of it.   Certainly it was foolish but the entire operation has been.   The fact that it will likely help Trump - and they must know it - is subordinate to the immediate gratification needed for the followers.

Someone in a group I was chatting with a while back commented that Trump was a most incongrous Paul Atreides.   It's an interesting idea.   Whatever the number of the Trump loyalists is - certainly in the millions, quite a few millions - it is energized and angered.   Even a handful of millions, ten to twenty, is a serious danger to the regime if things fall apart.   The other day a friend observed that the January 6 gulag has a thousand prisoners and over a thousand additions are planned, and every one a potential Timothy McVeigh.   McVeigh was, if you believe the official narrative, angered by the murder of and the massacre of mostly women and children at Waco.   What will dozens, perhaps hundreds of McVeighs do?   Particularly in the lawless age we are now in.   The Rubicon has been crossed, but the legions are not up to the task.  

The nature of the operation in Nashville is no longer in doubt.   Perhaps it was triggered early (the "day of vengeance" was scheduled for Saturday) but these things can't be precise.   For some reason the FBI released, six years after the operation in Las Vegas, the news that the perpetrator was angry about gambling debts.   The amateurishness of the regime can not be overestimated.  

Probably it's a matter of whether regime is correct in believing they have all future elections (presidential and a sufficient number of congressional) locked in and they will never again be out of power.   And even if they are the opposition has demonstrated that it has not the will to do the purge that would be required to correct the problem long-term.   Whether that has changed remains to be seen.  

 SECOND AMENDMENT Published March 29, 2023 2:15pm EDT

Democrats reintroduce gun safety legislation immediately following Nashville school shooting

Democrats say Congress must act to prevent gun violence after a shooter killed three children and three staff members at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee

By Chris Pandolfo | Fox News


So they wanna spend another 50 mil a year for the discredited CDC to spread more propaganda? Sounds about right. Meanwhile from Memphrica: So far this year, MPD reports 90 homicides and 75 murders. That's up from this time last year when the city recorded 65 homicides and 54 murders. Drain the blue cesspools and no more "gun violence epidemic". See how that works?


Give everyone in Ukraine and the United States an AR-15. Russia and China are coming in our back door disguised as Democrats.


We will soon enough have to take down the communist democrats everywhere.

And Paul saw how futile were any efforts of his to change any smallest bit of this. He had thought to oppose the jihad within himself, but the jihad would be. His legions would rage out from Arrakis even without him. They needed only the legend he already had become. He had shown them the way, given them mastery even over the Guild which must have the spice to exist.

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