They finally did it, finally

Well, Fat Alvin did it.   What the holdup was is anyone's guess, probably even his since he only passed the order he was given and may well have forgotten it by now.   Now it's on to bigger and better things.   Mayor after Idi Amin Jr, or governor.   Plenty of time, his only worry is another tool becoming another favorite.   Meanwhile, his wife (if he has one, if not a favorite squeeze) get hired by a university or government agency, maybe appointed a judge if a lawyer.   Offspring, legitimate or otherwise, get high dollar no-show jobs.   They should probably enjoy it while it lasts, but their minds don't see any future other than what the recent past has taught them to expect.   Like their nearest relatives they expect the fruit to be hanging nearby, the grubs and beetles under the fallen trees.

I did see Idi threatening Trump supporters who might show up to "vent their misguided anger" or something along those lines.   He seemed to be reading something written by someone marginally more intelligent and did so poorly.   Of course the few who might have been so foolish as to not see the trap have already been rounded up, so the show will go on with a Fakesurrection, likely Burn-Loot-Murder types given a bath and clean clothes, along with some FBI operatives taking some time off from fake 'white supremacist' operations.

Who gave the order? Hard to say, the committee running things seems to be like an octopus whose tentacles are out of sync and can't seem to work together.   An octopus, essentially a rather complex snail, seems smarter but then it limits its activities to that for which it was designed - eating and propagating.   Communists aren't good at much of anything, and governing a society is far beyond their capability. Which is why they don't understand why their prey doesn't submit.

The informed see it coming and will at least try to prepare.   At our worst we will be better off than the denizens of the cesspools, as even the elites will fall in and drown with their constituents when it collapses.   Hypcryme's comment about the army is right.   The armed forces of the U.S. are already too small for very much more foreign adventures.   Ukraine may well be the last, as a continuation of the present regime after 2024 will have them helpless.   The apocryphal remark about the capitalists selling the rope they are hanged with (possibly originating here) is only partially right.   The hegemony is indeed hanging itself, it's operators motivated by greed, but the likely result - decentralization as the hegemony recedes and the multipolar world is no longer dominated by one or two superpowers.   The US/Euro cabal being effectively one entity in that respect.

Since the army is useless in the event of a breakdown - gradual or sudden - the social engineers who have destroyed it and are expecting it to protect them (by suppressing the rebellion) are in for a big surprise.

OPINION Published April 3, 2023 2:00am EDT

Our military is in a dangerous decline and this is the reason why

The numbers in this new report on our military are jarring

OPINION By Rep. Michael Waltz, Dr. Kevin Roberts | Fox News


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Leftist social engineering and purging of the leadership by past and present regimes have crippled the army even worse than this article admits. The only positive is that the regime's ability to continue gratuitutious intervention wherever it feels like it is mitigated. And when they finally turn the army on the citizens there won't be much left of it.


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By now I would be called ol'school even though I don't think of myself that way because to me it was just yesterday I was in the military and I still reflect the morals and standards of the military THIRTY SIX years ago(oh how that brings tears to my eyes and all the memories that just sprung up). I learned so much and been so many places in those 10 years I spent between 87'-97' in the USN. When I see our military now adays in the news over this WOKE agenda by our federal government towards our troops all I can do is shake my head and say this is now how our military works. I remember on several occasions of standing on the catwalks of the the various ships I have served upon as we would pull into a foreign port and the many, many foreigners standing on the piers as either passed by or pulled along the pier cheering and howling (a form of admiration, not jeers) at the mighty warship pulling-in or passing by. I fret at what our military personnel see as they now pull into a foreign harbor or land on foreign soil. I imagine their is a mixture of cheers and glares in todays world. Its a very sad affair for our military. I am still very proud to have served and hope that our leaders of this nations change course and correct the mistakes they are making before the whole world turns their back on our military as the confront them on their land.

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