As the Republic crumbles

Now that the alphabet news folks have mentally masturbated for a couple of days over the Trump indictment (orally too, as in heads talking on the television organs..? &ensp?   could get confusing real fast) or actually had group mutual stimulation since they do it aloud in groups on television, what else is going on in the world?  

Locally, as in the USA, the relatively few derelicts in Tennessee who aren't denizens of Memphrica decided to continue to try to cash in on the tranny murder of preteen students and faculty members at a church school in Nashville.   I suppose when the cabal puts that kind of resources into engineering such an event they want some ROI.   One of the three is a fat Caucasian woman (apparently, based on appearance) and the other two are thirteen-percenters, and one of those is from Memphrica.   He is however an import from Commiefornia.

They repeatedly disrupted proceedings in the House of Representatives and attempted to incite riots.   Fortunately Tennessee is deep red (Memphrica accounts for most of the small Demonrat delegation) and the three are being considered for expulsion from the body.

Attempts to create violence and destruction continue, but is easily being contained. I would suggest that the Tennessee government use the opportunity to arrest and incarcerate for years without trial a few of the miscreants, but awareness of the need has not yet reached the leaders of the free states.   Florida will probably be the first when it happens. Still, few as they are (nowhere near the 2000 prisoners in the Jan 6 Gulag) it would be nice to see a few dozen thrown into 4x6 cells with a pile of a straw and a bucked.   If some judge decides to order them freed the governor could invite (insert pronoun here) to come and get them.   But the time is not ripe.   Another eighteen months, who knows?  

Meanwhile in the larger world (the other 95%) matters progress as expected.   Not as planned, because the decentralization is not a plan as is the cabal's new world order.   It is happening organically, as they say these days.   The dollar looks to be nearing the end as the default currency.   How good or bad that is for us here is hard to say.   It's difficult to see how it can get much worse, except for the unprepared.

Much depends on how much destruction is wrought here before it is stopped and a reversal can begin.   I suspect some elements such as the meltdown in the cesspools and breakdown of infrastructure (especially transportation, which will accelerate the urban destruction) will occur.   How much they bleed into the for now free states remains to be seen.   That may well depend on partisan defense actions.   We are good here in our enclaves, and can defend them against the hordes.   As someone said the other day, by the time they get from Chicago to Podunk Arkansas they'll be pretty hungry.   Not that any can make it that far or would even try.   The suburbs and nearby small towns are in the most danger, and in Arkansas the biggest threat is from the internal cesspit (relatively small) and nearby Memphrica where the river will at least provide chokepoints if not a barrier.

Vox Day commented on the new world disorder. He doesn't do much in the way or predictions, other than to say where current developments seem to be pointing.   And he's invariably right on those.   Our best chance is for the remainder of the world, once they have rendered the US/Euro hegemony toothless, is to leave us alone.   I suspect that may be the case, and if so we should be able to set matters right.   How long it will take is impossible to say.

TENNESSEE Published April 6, 2023 12:06pm EDT

Chaos erupts again at Tennessee Capitol amid vote to expel Dem lawmakers from office over House floor protest

Demonstrators returned to the Tennessee State Capitol to protest expulsion of three Democratic lawmakers

By Kyle Morris | Fox News

H hypcryme 37 seconds ago f

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This would be a good time for Tennessee to open up its own April 6 gulag. Start throwing these miscreants, who are actual criminals and human debris, into 4x6 cells with a pile of straw and a bucket. If a federal judge orders them released, tell whatever pronoun it is to come and get them. If they try, respond appropriately. Like they will, more than once anyway.

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4 minutes ago If the republicans did that to the democrats, the democrats would expel the republicans and call for them to be arrested and jailed

M Reply Share MickeyScheister21 5 minutes ago Shouldn't they now be locked in prison without bail for 2 years? If equal justice was a thing, sure. Reply Share

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