As the Republic crumbles

In Austin Texas a grand jury indicted an army NCO for shooting in self-defense a Burn-Loot-Murder operative during one of the riots.  Texas is not normally a good place for that sort of foolishness but in Travis County it's fine because is the one deep blue cesspool in the state.  Houston is pretty bad since Katrina but Austin is mostly white even with Hispanics broken out but the whites are self-haters augmented by imports from California.  It was in Travis County that a prosecutor took a proposal to indict Tom DeLay for a non-crime (the conviction was overturned) to four grand juries before he got an indictment.

This grand jury indicted an Army Sergeant (working as an Uber driver) who shot a rioter who menaced him with an AK-47.  It was a clear case of self-defense, but the Soros DA indicted him and the usual Austin kangaroo court handily convicted him.  I doubt the grand jury or trial jury was loaded with simians as in Travis County it is hardly necessary.  The self-hatred permeates the population and as in other such pits the decent people are leaving.

It is likely that the case will be overturned almost as quickly, as Texas is not Minnesomalia where the system is rigged all the way to the top and no federal charges were added as in the judicial lynching (yeah, I know already) of Derek Chauvin.  Governor Abbott has announced his intention to ask the Pardons and Parole Board to pardon him, and it will likely happen.  Still, Sgt. Perry's life is permanently scarred.  He is a young man and still has a good chance at a decent life, as long as he stays out of places like Austin.

Meanwhile in Florida, three simian (that may be a compliment) cretins murdered three young people, two boys and a girl.  There will be no escape for them, as Florida is even more serious than Texas, although either state would fry'em, as they say.  Sadly that is just a figure of speech these days, as Florida retired Old Sparky (apparently it is still an option if the guest of honor requests it) some years ago in favor of the needle.

I grew up in the south and accepted the legitimacy of capital punishment until I learned that as lot of innocent (as in having no crime of any kind, much less a capital one) people were dying that way.  I still prefer not to kill people, if you really want to punish them give them life without any possibility whatsoever of parole, even if they grow old and end up like Red in Shawshank.  But in cases like this I am tempted to recommend its use, when there is guilt beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

As the carnage continues, whether in calculated attacks on the civilized society or in mere subhuman behavior, I wonder whether the response is sufficient.  The Tennessee legislature took care of the problem of the moment decisively, but when the feds send enforcers to arrest the state officials at whose acts they have taken umbrage will they respond appropriately.  As in lethal force as a first resort. It would only have to happen a few times as this time there is no army to invade the rebellious south.  Texas, Florida and Tennesse would be good candidates for setting an example, but do their leaders have the cojones?

At this point it is merely the minions of the regime (and the leader) raging impotently.  They are attempting to incite riots, if those are handled competently will the regime attack? I suspect it might at some point, even when things are falling apart at every joint.  Every element at all levels seems to be insane.

It would be a good thing for the migration of the good people in the communist states eventually made a decisive blue/red divide, and the denizens of the blue states realized too late that there is no way for the regime to continue funding their parasite populations, but if they see that happening they may redouble their efforts to disrupt the peace of the free states.

If the breakdown in infrastructure (especially transportation and energy delivery) to the urban centers were accelerated it could only be a good thing.  The parasite population has nowhere to go, or the ability (initiative, cognizance, mental energy) to go if they had any idea where to go to.  They would turn on their former benefactors and solve at least part of the problem.  With those bastions weakened the free states would be better able to defend their territory.  Only time will tell.

Published April 8, 2023 10:29am EDT
Texas AG Paxton slams 'Soros-backed' prosecutor after jury convicts Army sergeant for shooting protester
Sgt. Daniel Perry claimed he had acted in self-defense in the shooting of an armed man at a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020
By Kyle Morris | Fox News
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The conviction won't stand. Kangaroo court in the blue cesspool of Austin. Texas isn't Minnesomalia where it's rigged all the way to the top, probably will be thrown out on the first appeal. Abbott should pardon him to prevent the stuff he'll have to go through until then. In (somewhat) more happy news, the simians who murdered the three kids in Florida are gonna fry. Wish it was literally frying, but they'll get the easy needle. Still, there is justice in some places.
4 minutes ago
He must have had a really bad attorney. As an attorney, when I had my hands on the evidence (AK47), I would have told the jury that it
is loaded, and then quickly point the gun at them. There would be all kinds of objections, I might even be thrown in jail for a day,
but the point would already be made. You fear death when a gun is pointed at you and you have a right to defend yourself.
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