Conspiracy threories

A humorous little song from nearly thirty years ago. Obviously the Elvis theories are pretty much the domain of tabloid readers, and I doubt many of those take them seriously. The moon landings are another matter and we'll leave it at that for now. Since new conspiracy theories are constantly needed as the prior ones are revealed as fact, one old ones like the moon missions and JFK get little attention from anyone. There are too many ones ongoing to spend time on them.

Except that JFK came up the other day, one of the guys spoke the words of the song, and we all laughed. Nevertheless a discussion ensued, as to why there were two, or however many, shooters on the grassy knoll or somewhere else. BTW, Stephen Hunter in his excellent Bob Lee Swagger novel "Point of Impact" describes how the Oswald part may have been played. I suspect something similar was used in the MLK affair. Then something works, it gets used again. And again and again. As in the "mass shootings" that occur, always in groups. And serving as a vector for attacks on the Second Amendment - the one thing standing in their way. They can't succeed but they don't know it, because their intelligence is so limited.

But why multiple shooters for Kennedy? The last assassination of a US president had been over sixty years earlier, in a very different time. Had the attempt failed, I suggested, Kennedy would have thenceforth been impossible to get a shot at. It had to be done, or all would be lost. Which is to say, at least a major delay in progress or even a reversal. So they took no chances.

In the same way mass shootings are planned and launched in groups. First because multiple events are required for any serious effect and because some may fail. In the most recent batch at least one would-be perpetrator was caught before he could act.

So Oswald only needed to be put into position, and whether he had an inoperative weapon or some other method was used ensure the actual shooter did the deed, is under seal for many more years. Unless something happens to spill all the dirt. When the Soviet Union dissolved a lot of interesting information was spilled. We can hope.

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