Doesn't pass the smell test

Just about the entire rest of the world knows the dollar is done. What that means for the people for whom it is the official currency remains to be seen. It looks to be bad for those who don't have some other means of doing business. Gold and silver being the primary ones. Those who have it and particularly those who have been accumulating it for years at prevailing prices will likely find it worth considerably more. Should be interesting. I read somewhere, a few days ago that one of the big banks, perhaps JP Morgan found that a quantity of nickel (some millions worth) was worthless rocks.

Even before that I wondered how much gold and silver is in private hands. Now I also wonder how much of the shenagigans such as JP Morgan experienced have been going on. I imagine the privately owned stocks will be rather difficult to retrieve this time, as the owners acquired it with the intention not giving it up. As with their guns. I suspect the present regime is foolish enough to try, given the manpower. Fortunately they don't have that either.

Is it noteworthy that one of the big banks is buying nickel? Wonder if they're buying copper. Or diamonds. Or...

The amateurism is on display daily, as the latest fiasco demonstrates. I briefly suspected a possible Snowden-type incident, with a military person shocked by the actions of the regime releasing some of the evidence. It appears authentic, as the claim that it had been altered was made.

Now I wonder if it was a Hunter Biden type of incident. A dissolute drug addict (the son of the president) carelessly loses a computer with enough evidence to put a few dozen big dogs in prison for a long time, if there was any law left. So an E-3 Air National Guard (not even regular Air Force) technician somehow manages to acquire information confirming what many have known but the Alphabet News organizations have backed the regime in denying - that Ukraine is not only losing but there are no prospects for winning, while draining the US/NATO cabal dry. That is probably the "altered data" they refer to.

 DIGITAL ORIGINALS Published April 2, 2023 6:30am EDT

Nation's declining values could signal 'the end of the American empire, think tank president says

The pandemic response 'shattered' Americans' trust in the country's public institutions, Tucker said

By Teny Sahakian | Fox News

hypcryme 30 seconds ago

50 years out from the initiation of the petrodollar system and the great gutting of the industrial wealth of the continent. China just brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and the Saudis are cheerfully selling their earth-blood to the Chinese for Yuan. Meanwhile Russia is selling its oil for rubles. Yep, it's over. In its place is the multipolar world the globalists feared. BRICSIA+UIOP continues to grow and the decentralized world can no longer be manipulated by the nearly toothless US/Euro hegemony. Finland joining NATO while a dozen or more (mostly larger and more influential) countries bailed. Reply. Share

1kg1359 21 minutes ago

The American Empire was gone 2years ago. Reply. Share

Youvotedforthis357 2 hours ago

This has always been the far lefts goal. The destruction of the greatest Nation on Earth. Thank a Democrat and an Independent today for their Biden votes. Reply. Share

planomike 1 hour ago

It appears to be the goal of both parties. Investigate, position, issue half-truth talking points to the minions

to repeat mindlessly. Neither party has a roadmap to US prosperity and increased strength.


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