Coming apart...

One must wonder, with another year and a half, a bit less to the election, about many things. It is rarely discussed, but the probability of Joetato being extant for that long is a question any serious person should ask. His age is occasionally discussed, and then usually in almost the same breath as Trump's age. Obviously at well past seventy it is problematical for anyone, but the likelihood of Trump exiting the mortal plane is relatively small, and for Joetato the probability of it not happening is even smaller. Yet the enemy seems oblivious.

But they are to almost everything. Their complacency seems like that of the French aristocracy before the Revolution. And given that the ruling class of France was not assaulting the middle and lower classes but merely ignoring them, the problem for the regime seems much more serious. The middle class (and that past of the lower classes that is not part of the parasite population) will at some point resist out of desperation and fear if indignation does not suffice.

That there is some pushback, however feeble, only angers them but they do not yet seem desperate. They seem to believe that there is no way they can be defeated because they now own the elections. Whether or not they do - sufficiently to guarantee all future results - is open to question but one would not know to watch them. The regime seems go be a combination of idiocracy, juvenocracy, moronocracy and various other types of stupidity.

I suppose that might be an advantage, as such a stupid enemy is easier to defeat. But just as an insane person, perhaps under the influence of drugs that amplify the madness, can seriously injure those attempting to subdue or restrain him/her, in its death throes - or in the actions leading up to the inevitable resistance - it can wreak serious damage on society.

Thus we have massive riots, some continuing for days, in the urban parasite colonies, where the police forces are already gutted by underfunding and resignations of the qualified personnel. Yet Chiraq just voted to replace its corrupt and inept mayor with a worse one. In a congressional hearing examining the actions of Fat Alvin in his attack on President Trump, many residents of New York City, most people of color and thus almost certainly Democrat voters, castigated the buffoon and the response of the Democrat representatives was to read prepared statements (badly, as most are barely literate) accusing the witnesses of being 'MAGA puppets' and 'props for Republicans'. That they were unprepared for it illustrates their dissociation with reality.

Whether or not these people, used by the politicians who only increase their misery, will ever wake up and stop voting for them remains to be seen. Certainly Hispanic voters have largely abandoned the party, but millions or new ones arrive each year.

Occasionally a leftist politician will admit publicly what has happened, while never admitting responsibility for it or proposing an intelligent solution.

Possibly the cesspools will envelop those who created them and still live nearby in their gated communities and suburbs that will prove to be not far enough away. The right combination of circumstances could break things so thoroughly that the free states remain relatively unaffected, and possibly some thinning of the parasites might result. Far too many variables and competing schemes, along with the ineptitude of the regime, to predict.

There once was a Joe from Delaware
Who wandered the White House unaware
When walking he stumbled
When talking he mumbled
And often soiled his underwear

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