Coming apart...

It was thirty years ago. The Slick Willie regime had just been installed and wasted no time in assembling a collection of the most corrupt minions heretofore seen. Some were merely stupid (Jocelyn Elders and Janet Reno) while others were probably above average for Democrats. Compared to the current crop they were near geniuses. Reno would prove to be the author of the most brutal direct assault on American citizens ever seen, purely for political purposes. Expected to be merely a photo op, incompetence and miscalculation resulted in a tragedy or monumental dimensions.

For the record, these people were murdered.

Mary Jean Borst, 49 at time of death
Pablo Cohen, 38
Evette Fagan, 34
Lisa Marie Farris, 26
 *   Dayland Gent, 3
Peter Gent, 24
Diana Henry, 28
Paulina Henry, 24
Phillip Henry, 22
Stephen Henry, 26
Vanessa Henry, 19
Zilla Henry, 55
 *   Cyrus Howell, 8
Rachel Howell, 23
 *   Star Howell, 6
Sherri Lynn Jewell, 23
David Michael Jones, 30
Michelle Jones, 18
Perry Jones, age unknown
 *   Serenity Sea Jones, 4
 *   Bobbie Lane Koresh, 16 months
Nicole Elizabeth Little, 24
Jeffery Little, 32
Douglas Wayne Martin, 42
 *   Lisa Martin, 13
 *   Sheila Martin, 15
 *   Abigail Martinez, 11
 *   Audrey Martinez, 13
 *   Crystal Martinez, 3
 *   Isaiah Martinez, 4
 *   Joseph Martinez, 8
Juliete Santoyo Martinez, 30
Jillane Matthews, age unknown
Alison Bernadette Monbelly, 31
 *   Melissa Morrison, 6
Rosemary Morrison, 29
Theresa Noberega, 48
Judy Schneider, 41
 *   Mayanah Schneider, 2
Steve Schneider, 48
 *   Mayanah Schneider, 2
Michael Schroeder, 29
Laraine B. Silva, 40
Floracita Sonobe, 34
Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35
Aisha Gyarfas Summers, 17
Gregory Allen Summers, 28
 *   Startle Summers, 1
Hollywood Sylvia, age unknown
Lorraine Sylvia, 40
 *   Rachel Sylvia, 13
Stanley Sylvia, age unknown
Doris Vaega, age unknown
Margarida Joann Vaega, 47
Neal Vaega, 37
Jaydean Carnwell Wendel, age unknown
Mark H. Wendel, age unknown
Mary Jean Borst, 49 at time of death

Notice the children (*)

Fifty-seven people murdered, for a failed political stunt. Eighteen children. Of course children are especially hated by the nihilistic enemy, particularly children of normal healthy families untouched by their evil. Hence the manic grooming. While the corruption of children does satisfy a perverted internal desire, the greater goal is the destruction of all that is good and decent.

It wasn't the first assault or the last. Shamefully the murder of Randy Weaver's wife and teenaged son occurred during the Bush 43 administration, but neither Bush was anything other than a tool of the cabal, so his lack of interest in the encroachment of the government into the lives of citizens is not surprising.

It seems we find ourselves approaching some major changes. Whether the corrupt regime is removed a year and some months hence is questionable. As the Plandemic was an IQ test that about 70% of the population failed, it doesn't look good. And the change may happen quickly or slowly. The only certain thing is the uncertainty.

There once was a Joe from Delaware
Who wandered the White House unaware
When walking he stumbled
When talking he mumbled
And often soiled his underwear

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