Well, well....

Story is, as Cody was saying, an IRS official of some standing and in a position to know certain things will - if he lives long enough one of the houses of Congress has the nerve - testify under oath in public (one would hope) that the Attorney General of the regime lied under oath in public before Congress.  We already knew he did, but whether this will be allowed to happen remains to be seen.  One would reasonably suppose that the House committee would allow it, the Senate certainly not.  But will he be Bidencided before that can happen?

No doubt his identity is known (he has applied for "whistleblower" status - good luck with that) and he will be attacked in the state-run media before he can say anything, but will that be sufficient?  If they off him it'll be obvious, but so are all the others.  They don't care whether most of the population knows they're lying, figuring they've got control of the election apparatus so perhaps they won't kill him.  They may make some crime to charge him with, and again it won't matter how transparent they are.  Sheeple, whaddyado? 

The Nashville tranny mass murderer's 'manifesto' remains hidden. According to the FBI the contents are the equivalent of instructions for making weapons of mass destruction in your garage with materials from Wal-Mart.  Which means there's something in there way to hot to handle.  Could it reveal some common thread with other such projects? They evidently had more than one planned (one was detected in time and stopped) and two or three probables did go forward.  If anyone with the conscience and couarge to link it it would be nice, but the consequences would be too much for most to risk.  Still... 

One gets the weird feeling that things are headed for something big.  The one I would like least would be for the cabal to go for it, the enchilada entera, either during the next election or if they win big immediately afterwards.  Shut down all opposition, seize weapons, lockdowns, whatever their demented minds can concoct.  That would be blood and fire for sure.

"I know they do it other places," Doug said. "China. I've heard of people selling kidneys in India and other poor countries. Here, it should be harder but you never know."
"Hard to say. That's a small part of what these guys are up to though. It's mostly fraud, kickbacks, stuff like that. organized."
"You think the other hospitals are in on it?" asked Doug.
"I've heard rumors about St. Anthony. BEA, dunno. They're part of that big St. Louis system. I'd like to think there are still some that haven't gone bad. But the Plandemic exposed a lot. Mostly that fact that about seventy percent of the population is cowardly. And the medical industry is no exception. But greed has been a part of it for a long time."
"Plandemic? Yeah, Covid. There sure was a lot of money made there."
"Yeah. Of course that wasn't the main objective, but the medical industry cashed in big time."
Human Harvest (Quiescent Benevolence - 2023)

"You've heard the example of boiling a frog, haven't you?" Gordon asked. "Yeah." Jessica said. "Slowly. The way we've been taken over."
"There's another example that uses boiling water." Gordon said. "You've seen it, if you fill a pan with water, as if to boil eggs. As the water heats, you can see bubbles form on the bottom of the pan, nearest the heat source. A few, and then more. A lot more, and first one rises to the top. Then another, and more. And then suddenly..."
"The water is boiling."
"Exactly. The regime sees the occasional bubble, even sees them become more frequent. Then the whole thing erupts. And all the while, it never occurs to them to turn off the heat. Until it's too late."
MacArthur's Freehold (Enak Nomolos 2020)

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