More BRICS in the wall

We might as well make Argentina dark blue.  Rigging the elections on Brazil didn't help the cabal get them out.  China was in there immediately after Bolsonaro was ousted, to make sure.  Not that there was much the US/Euro alliance could do.  One wonders at the continuing funneling of resources to the Ukrainian debacle while simultaneously destroying their own economies and infrastructure.  But then one is nominally sane (those who know me best occasionally disagree) and likely facing the prospect of a draft to enable further military adventures.  That will be interesting, as it would be aimed at the red states, partly to punish them and in part because the available personnel from blue states are unsuitable.  With the destruction already wrought through purges of the officer corps beginning with Slick Willie and accelerated under Ovomit, the forces are in no condition to do much of anything. And if the targeted conscripts resist as during the Vietnam era it could get ugly. 

Latin America is mostly a lost cause now, including Mexico.  China most likely won't have to do much to take Taiwan, and may do it without any military action.  We occasionally discuss (most of us dating to the Vietnam era) what would have happened of long ago the US and NATO had armed the small Asian free countries (South Korea, Japan, possibly a couple of others with Taiwan being problematical) with nukes for defensive purposes.  India and Pakistan already have them, and if Russia/China were a threat it would be blunted considerably.  But of course preserving freedom was never their aim, least of all in their own countries.  And China and Russia were only dangerous while they considered the west a threat.  That threat is now almost non-existent. 

Given the near certainty of a Demonrat president next time around, and majorities of Republicans in either house unlikely (not that it would make much difference) the end of the Republic may be near.  Being thoroughly bankrupt it will look a lot like Russia after the revolution.  Except Russia didn't have 30 million or so heavily armed and hard to catch partisans aggravating them.  Given the weakness of the armed forces (and the likely desertion of most of the capable ones) we might look like a really big version of the Balkans or Middle East.  Will any of the free states be able to form militias to hold their territory? 

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