How it ends?

Someone has some ideas, don't we all? Some guys chatting about it earlier, so I might as well put it here.  We all ended up at about the same place.  Let's look at them:

1) Bankruptcy/Secession: Well, bankruptcy of some sort is inevitable, unless something really unlikely happens.  Maybe the MacArthur's Freehold scenario is going on even as we speak.  I believe the author projected the 2024 election as the activator, but maybe is was 2028.  The events he describes might just occur next year, if it all goes south.  In that case options 3 and 5 might be it.  Of course by then the ones out of control might be not must the Burn-Loot-Murder crowd but patriot organizations pushed too far.  Since those don't exist (unless the book is based on reality and may be the author knows things) they would be quickly organized in the aftermath of the next rigged election.  Organic.  As for bankruptcy, what form would it take? A large part of the world is already conducting business without the petrodollar, so when the financial implosion hits anything might happen.  Too many permutations of the breakup to explore here. 

2) Disbelief of election results: Again, if 2024 goes south (Dim president and one of both houses of Congress lost) disbelief will be even more widespread than it is now.  The same percentage of people that didn't buy the Plandemmic (and submit) will also not believe the election results.  The writer seems to believe that the resistance described above could materialize.  It seems likely, but the scale is hard to predict. 

3) Out of control violent political groups: How this plays out - and it seems very likely even if the regime retains power - is again hard to say.  If they lose there will certainly be a lot of Burn-Loot-Murder actions, and the Rent-a-Riot Rent-a-Riot machinery is still in place and well-financed.  Again, the amount of organic resistance is hard to predict, as is the response of a legitimate (constitutionalist) government.  Would they make the mass arrests and use necessary force to put them down, and appropriately punish the offenders.  Think Jan 6 Gulag treatment for a few thousand actual insurrectionists.  One would hope so, but we hope for a lot of things to happen, or not happen as the case may be. 

4) Rigging the system: As with senario 3, if a constitutional government returned to power it would have to ruthlessly suppress the actors in scenario 3, otherwise it would not survive.  As for secession, official or not, it could be the result with the solid red south and another big block in the northwest interior.  I suspect that if the Republic could make it through another ten years migration of the sane from blue to red - one more census in there - just might leave the commie states sitting in their empty (except for the debris) cities and wondering how to handle the parasite population they are stuck with.  Some variables there to be sure, but there is a slim chance.

5) Attempted gun confiscation: The writer mentions the Turner Diaries here.  He opines, as do I, that it is a poorly written daydream of one of the few white supremacists that ever lived.  The confiscation described assumed that the Republic was even deader than it will be in a few years, and while it is impossible to actually implement, that doesn't mean that the regime that would exist after 2024 if it all goes bad won't try it.  At that point the country would probably become a VERY large version of the Balkans, the Middle East, Africa, Northern Ireland, and other failures that were well-supplied with weapons and people willing to use them. 

Any way you look at it, if the next election cycle doesn't result in a Republican president at the least, and one in the DeSantis (or Reagan) mold, it is pretty well over.  There would never be another Republican president, and the eventual implosion (bankruptcy and internal breakdown) is going to be really bad for a lot of people.  I'm exploring this elsewere, we'll see where it leads. 

NOTE: Luther Pierce, author of the Turner Diaries, was a strange bird.  He had a PhD in physics and taught at a university for a few years.  Apparently whatever madness infects communists, anarchists, and other types who seem to pursue self-destruction by destroying the society in which they live took over. 

Text in images

 The sign was bigger and fancier than most, with several rows of text and colored lights. This one showed the date - APR 19, 1995. The time was 8:58 AM. I remembered the date well enough. Presumably the time was important. I remembered it was around that time, 9 A.M. or so. I looked up at Roger.

"9:02," he said. "Officially, anyway. McVeigh is sitting at a traffic light, about ten, eleven miles or so from the building. In traffic we're talking about a half hour or more. He may well have been sitting there when the bomb went off."

"Assuming it could be proven," I said, "what would the effect be?"

"Little. Probably none in the long run. But it could get attention, stir things up again. The people I'm working for at the very least want it preserved, safely, and used for whatever mileage is in it."

"Doesn't it immediately get dismissed as a Photoshop hoax?"

Roger grinned.

"Think about it," he said. "When did you get your first digital camera?"

"Beats me" I said. "Are you gonna tell me someone has the analog negatives of those pictures?"

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