This just happened so no news on the perpetrator.  Hypcryme was right, the thread was full of trolls as soon as it went up.  They're doing that more now, as if the one news site that allows commentary has much influence.  But the cabal leaves no stone unturned.  And since the Nashville tranifesto is officially being suppressed, as in they admit it will not be released, don't be surprised if this goes the same way. 

Is someone slipping red pills into RFK's drinks?  He actually went against the grain on the plandemic, and now here he is saying the party is corrupt and warning about the surveillance state.  Maybe they're being diluted a bit, but if he ever ditches the wacko environmentalist bit he may get somewhere. 

The question of his intentions remains.  I would think that with him seeing the light on the vaxes and now warning about the surveillance state (and opposing tranny men in women's sports) would make him attractive to conservatives and if he goes third party the dims could use him that way, but it's hard to see.  They have the real deal in Trump, DeSantis or anyone similar.  So I'd guess they don't want him in at all.  Meaning he should stay out of hotel kitchens. 

Of course polls, for what they're worth, say 75% of people (no particular party) don't want Joetato.  Even though Trump is almost as old, he doesn't look or act it.  He could be twenty years younger from all appearances. 

Of course if Joetato assumes room temperature before the election, especially after being nominated, it could get interesting.  And it could easily happen.  Would they try a body double?  Are they using one already, getting the sheeple acclimated?  After nomination the cabal could apparently select another candidate.  Would they go that way or try a Weekend at Bernies?  They're sufficiently both corrupt and stupid to try, and the scramble for the replacement nomination might get real ugly.  Interesting I suppose, but probably messy. 

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us Published May 6, 2023 10:15pm EDT
Texas authorities confirm 9 dead in Allen Premium Outlets shooting near Dallas, several more injured
Texas police confirmed multiple people were killed and the shooter is also dead
By Andrea Vacchiano | Fox News
39 seconds ago
They got the trolls right on this one. Bonus pay? Maybe a bottle of Boone's Farm after their shift is over for ten posts.
52 seconds ago
So sad. Why aren't some of our Democrat Politicians ever at these places when these shootings take
55 seconds ago
No mention of the shooter?

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