Reality indruding?

Of course the dirtbag who murdered Ashli hasn't yet assumed room temperature.  As far as I know neither has Lon Horiuchi , even more of a cold-blooded murder than the Capitol Police scumbag.  I confess to having felt a twinge of sympathy even for the likes of Ted Bundy , who in his final hours was a helpless human being - even more defenseless than his victims, being securely in the custody of his executioners - who was about to die and knowing the certainty of his life being extinguished.  I've been in situations where I felt likely I might die in the next seconds, and in those cases was helpless to avoid my fate, and do not fear death, but as someone one said - I believe it may have been Billy Graham - I don't fear death, but I fear the process, of it being prolonged and painful.  Same here, I hope it is quick and easy. 

With the likes of Henry Kissinger beginning to warn the cabal of its destructive course, and others showing uneasiness, it seems there may be hope.  With likely presidential Trump, under indictments with more likely and having been found liable by a civil court, leading Joetato in a Washington Compost poll, one has to wonder just how bad it is.  And with the next debacle about to break as bad as just about anything can break, you have to wonder how bad it really is.  And there's still a year of likely increasing pain. 

I suspect though, that if there should be such a massive backlash that the Republican candidate - particularly if it is Trump - wins the election the regime will do precisely what they accused him of trying to do. With the Senate in dim hands, and the blue cesspools bubbling over with desperation, they will try every trick in the book and maybe make up some new ones.  Suddenly it will be legal for a dim state in which the Republican won to send dim electors, or the Senate may not allow some votes.  It doesn't have to be legal.  I suppose I should fear the consequences of yet another stolen election, but it may not any worse that what's coming anyway.  Here in the free states, the regime doesn't have the resources to annoy us with their own houses falling down around their ears.  Those millions of parasites aren't going to come here.  They can't even find their way out of the pits they live in, much less travel many miles to find a place to loot.  And get shot when they do. 

I may have felt some pity for a dead man walking - or being dragged according to some - to his doom.  One of the investigators in the Clutter case who attended the executions remarked on a similar feeling, watching the evil creatures he had stalked and captured finally meeting their end.  A human being losing his life is a serious thing to contemplate. But the minions of the regime not qualify as human, at least in terms of deserving even that minimal amount of respect. 

The likes of Ted the Swimmer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed without anything close to a twinge.   Just a feeling as if a sudden rain took care of the the deposit the neighbor's dog had left in the driveway before I had to deal with it. 

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Michael Byrd murdered Ashli Babbitt. The angels carried her to Abraham's side. Michael Byrd died, and in Hell, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Ashli by his side. So he called to him, 'Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.'

"M'Lord, if that swine... he's no more than a beast you'd spurn with your foot and discard the shoe because it'd been contaminated. Call in an executioner, if you must, or let me do it, but don't offer yourself to--"
"Muad 'Dib need not do this thing," Chani said.
He glanced at her, saw the fear for him in her eyes. "But the Duke Paul must," he said.
"This is a Harkonnen animal!" Gurney rasped.
Paul hesitated on the point of revealing his own Harkonnen ancestry, stopped at a sharp look from his mother, said merely: "But this being has human shape, Gurney, and deserves human doubt." Dune (Frank Herbert 1965)

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