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For the record, Henry Ruggs was a National Felons League player who in his second season, and some of the eleven million in "earnings" for those two years had gone buy a Chevrolet Corvette (beginning at 60K, his was reportedly customized to a cost of 80K) which he was driving on a Las Vegas street at speeds of up to 156 MPH when he rear-ended a Toyota RAV4 driven by Tina Tintor.  The speed at impact was 127 MPH.  Ruggs' Corvette traveled "approximately 519 feet post-impact," while the Toyota went approximately 571 feet.  The resulting explosion of the fuel tank of the Toyota burned the young lady to death, the emergency worker hearing her screams as they tried in vain to extract her. 

Tina Tintor's parents had fled (the war in) Serbia when she was a young child and she had lived in Las Vegas since.  She was 23 years old when Henry Ruggs killed her. 

I wonder if the rich man in Luke 16 will scream louder than Henry Ruggs.  Will he have the temerity to ask Abraham to send his victim with a drop of water? Comparing the two, if there are degrees of fault, the rich man has less.

And who is responsible for, if not the existence of such a loathsome creature as Ruggs? Going back to the days of slavery is idiotic, yet some no doubt will.  Slavery, of which people of every race have been victims - many still are and are not black - is not to blame.  People of Ruggs' ilk have for generations been pampered and apologized to and been allowed to do as they please without any accountability. 

Is the National Felons League to blame? Certainly, to a considerable degree.  The lust for money permeates that organism, from the owners and players to the companies that use it for marketing their products.

But every person that contributes to professional "sports" of any kind - but particularly football and basketball - is guilty.  There is absolutely no excuse.  I stopped watching my favorite sport (NASCAR) after thirty or more years when its owners and participants went south. 

The depredations of these people leaves no excuse for anyone, and the fact that I reached that conclusion long ago is perhaps merely my lack of tolerance for dishonesty in any form. OJ Simpson is no difference from Ruggs, except in age.  He was made wealthy, with the attendant social advantages, solely because as my friend Frank said, "hand him the football and he would run like a scalded dog".  He had no more intelligence or personal qualities than the other creatures spawned by professional sports and show business, and those who created him covered for him until his base nature overcame his limited intelligence and he sliced and diced his ex-wife and a guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Whether it is giving massive amounts of money to people of limited intelligence and no self-restraint (and no reason to believe they should exercise it) or allowing hordes of similarly mentally compromised denizens of the third world to run at large, killing innocent people, our society is sick unto death, if something is not done.   And soon. 

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NFL Published May 10, 2023 7:01pm EDT

Ex-Raiders receiver Henry Ruggs III facing up to 10 years in prison after accepting plea deal

Driving 156 mph in November 2021, Ruggs killed 23-year-old Tina Tintor after crashing into her car

By Scott Thompson | Fox News



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The victim was no doubt carried by angels to Abraham's side. The killer will no doubt suffer the fate of

the rich man who had no pity on Lazarus. Forever is a long time to burn.

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