Insane fanaticism or fanatic insanity?

Perhaps Santayana wrote it somewhere and so gets credit, apocrypically the insanity remark is often attributed to Einstein and sometimes others.  What is a combination of insanity and fanaticism?  Or are all fanatics insane?  Probably not all insane people are fanatics so it doesn't work both ways.

In the wake of the Trannhueser Busch fiasco, Target redoubles its efforts in pursuing the tranny clientele.  Given that whatever causes actual desires to change sexes - as opposed to the current fad largely injected into children by pubic school teachers and the entertainment cabal - is about the same as homosexuality.  About one percent.  Real trannyism may be even more rare. Even the current crop of attention-seekers doesn't move the needle much - just makes if more noticeable.  Sadly a lot of young people are being scarred for life both physically and mentally when they succumb to the indoctrination, and suicides often result.

Target is in enough trouble as it is, and their pandering to the perv population (mostly homosexuals with "pride" merchandise and involvement in alphabet people events) probably isn't helping. Now they're doing their best to alienate the customers who haven't yet noticed by selling merchandise for trannies. Walmart would be smart to do and say absolutely nothing, one way or another or any other.  Just ignore it.  There will be - probably already is - pressure from the perv organizations to participate, they should politely ignore them.

A few months ago I might have not expected the foregoing sound judgment, but after seeing what happened to Trannhueser Busch they might.

Speaking of corporate insanity, Disney's slide into (financial) darkness continues.  They will of course blame DeSantis, but he is representative of the vast majority of Florida's population.  It could be that time is up for Disney anyway, as the economy deteriorates. If this turns out to be Jimmy Carter on steroids, and it seems to be going that way, Disney will be just one of the media companies that should have saved the hundreds of millions spent on perv propaganda projects.  My only fear is that there will not be a Ronald Reagan to save us. DeSantis does seem to have the ability, both to get elected and to lead a recovery.  Trump could, but that whole scenario continues to look shaky.

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 The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Someone)

Fanaticism consists in redoubling your efforts when you have forgotten your aim. (George Santayana) 

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