Insane fanaticism or fanatic insanity?

Actually no sane person expects any truth from the government when it's under dim control.  Except by accident.  As for lying, well, Brillo Head mechanically recites her lines and neither knows nor cares about truth.  Or facts if you like.  I suspect hers is one of the sub-average IQs in the regime.  Since her primary purpose is to offend the sane and decent population by putting a homosexual female simian puppet made to look as offensive as possible in the position. Okey-dokey.

The Tranhueser Busch debacle didn't seem to deter the idiots at Targay.  Failing to learn from the TB debacle they plunged ahead with overt displays of perverted and satanic products aimed at young children.

Well, a large part of Targay's clientele is of the elitist mindset and will tolerate it, but Targay can't afford to lose business.  Even a little.  Meanwhile Wal-Mart, having been burned a time or two early on by the wokester plants, is wisely keeping its mouth shut and not doing anything stupid.

It is encouraging though, that there was some blowback.

The scariest thing about the regime is that its collective intelligence is so low that it might actually try for the whole enchilada within the next couple of years, with no concern for the consequences because they can't envision the possibility of the inevitable result.  When they do things like this you have to wonder how many are totally off their rockers.  It does seem that their perception of the populace is that they are intellectually inferior by a considerable margin, while in fact over half of it is smarter than them.  And most of the people who matter are a lot smarter.

Heavy D made the big announcement and promptly crashed Twitter Spaces.  Should have expected the traffic, and with DOS thrown in...

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I don't expect truth from the government, but for the money I'm paying I expect a better liar. 

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