Dirty laundry

They have the BHBB all right.  I haven't done any serious analysis, but blondes seem to be rather popular as news readers.  At least in England they have the decency to call some things what they are.  Or used to, I haven't watched TV in the UK for quite a few years.  As to how many are natural blondes I have no idea.  I suppose the local one might be.  She's been there over thirty years, decent looking back in the day, not so much now.  I may not be better-looking than I was thirty years ago, but I'm not forty pounds heavier.  From the look of it she is.  

She got an Emmy, for something.  Some people get Pulitzers for things like this.  Okey-dokey.  Awards from some of those glossy magazines published by various local businesses, mostly ads for local businesses.  Economic incest as some say. 

Bubble-headed?  Probably.  Who in that business isn't?  It's a job, and better than most if you can get it, in terms of the local economy.  She'll never get "the call", not at her age.  Did she think when she as 25 and had the makeup and hairspray applied every day and sat down to read the teleprompter that one day she would get it?  Who doesn't?  But time goes by pretty fast, and before you know it you're in there 20 years and you know it isn't coming.  So you put in your time and cash the check, figuratively speaking. 

Can't figure it's a very big check, in a town barely big enough to have even one TV station.  And the business dying, someone in there has to wonder if they'll make it to 67 or even 62, and if there'll be any Social Security and Medicare or if it's going to be what you've saved and your 401k.  No pensions or medical insurance in retirement for these folks.  Get a government job if you want that.  Harder on the conscience but most of these don't have one that functions properly.  I see some younger people on the "Meet our team" page of their website, thirties at most.  No future there. 

So maybe she's making 100K or better.  Probably not, but high fives.  And you get to be somebody, even if it isn't a very big place to be somebody.  Going to the ribbon-cuttings and awards things, Chamber of Commerce events, and as part of the "news media" you know all the important people.  You're one of the important people.  Picture in the paper - the other dying medium being milked by its owners for as long as possible - and of course you're on your TV station all the time.  But I've learned that it doesn't take much for some people.  Doesn't take much for me, but I never asked for it.  I was in six figures when I retired and I did it all myself.  And stopped worrying a long time ago about what anyone else thought about me. 

The reason it occurred to me is that some months ago I was perusing the staff pages of various television and newspaper web sites for contacts.  I wanted to apprise some of them of a major problem in the area, a hospital committing fraud on a grand scale, on top of massive malpractice by incompetent staff.  Some of them had something called "investigative reporters", so I contacted them.  No response of course.  The hospital people are the same as the news people and the banking people and all the other people who've made it to or near the top of the local food chain.  Exposing a hospital would be a bad idea in more than one way. 

Better to scrounge for dirty laundry of someone who can't hurt you.  And it's even better if hurting that someone can help your career.  My mother used to say of such people "if I behaved that way I'd need two beds, because I couldn't sleep with myself". 

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We got the bubble-headed bleached-blonde, comes on at five She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye It's interesting when people die Give us dirty laundry Dirty Laundry (Don Henley - 1982)

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