Corporate lemmings

Apparently the lemming thing is a myth, but sometimes life imitates mythology.

Tranheuser Busch got the ball rolling in a big way on the current insanity, followed by Targay after weeks of humiliation.  Then Kohl's joined the herd. Burt Reynolds once said that Smokey and the Bandit was one of Alfred Hitchcock's favorite movies. He said Hitchcock said something like "how do they get people to do these things?" or some such.  File under apocryphal.  I saw/heard Burt say it on television, and it seems Hitchcock did like the film.  To digress, a friend of mine finally got around to buying a Trans-Am, about two years too late as I told him.  I had (and still have) a '75, which turned out to be the last before they messed up the front end and it took years to make a decent-looking one again.  None were that bad, but I like the classic look.  Anyway, his was a Smokey and the Bandit edition, and he got it before the movie was released.  We were tooling around the big city on evening, too early for the girls to head for the bars, so we stopped for an early movie.  Parked in the nearest row to the entrance to the theater, saw the movie, and when we came out there was a crowd of people standing around looking it over.

But I digress.  Or digressed, finished digressing now.

Okey-dokey, back to the corporate lemmings.  Tranheuser Busch screwed the pooch like John Holmes with a chihuahua.  OK, that was uncalled for.  Won't do it again.  Today.

Targay follows - they've been on the perv thing for years, and everyone knew it.  But I suppose this was a bridge too far.  That's the thing some people aren't getting.  The Tranhueser Busch thing was as organic as you can get - millions of customers were pissed and said 'fuck it', won't seeya later.  Maybe they can get by with letting the Bud Light brand die, or it might take the entire label with it.

You can't fix stupid.

Is enough of the management at the top of these companies foolish enough to let this continue?  Beats me.  I do know that a lot of them aren't that smart, and the reason isn't hard to see.  The bimbo at Tranheuser Busch talked like a college student, sophomore, not even a graduate with whatever degree she has.  I saw it in a couple of small-town banks, at a multi-billion dollar company where I was two steps from the CEO, but I never saw it in the three small companies (double digit millions revenue) which were still being run the founders who built it with their technical abilities and learned how to be businessmen the hard way.  With 'affirmative action' hiring became a matter of how many women and blacks you had to hire, no matter what their qualifications.  If you had to hire twice as many - one to check the box and one to do the work - you did it.  I long ago got tired of being the one who did the work while someone else got a bigger paycheck and stayed with private companies that could avoid it.  The political correctness indoctrination in the colleges made it worse, as most graduates actually believed a lot of that stuff instead of giving it lip service - and rarely even that - and so many of these companies are being run by low-intelligence types who actually believe they are smart.

Wal-Mart has been quietly doing the minimum to avoid being boycotted for not checking the boxes, but learned early not to go full-throttle stupid. They notice what the nutjobs don't - or don't admit - is that these "boycotts" are not boycotts at all.  They are not organized or even planned but completely organic as millions of people tell them to fuck off.

Much the way revolutions - whatever form they take - happen.  Too much pressure and it's gonna blow.

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 Crouching in the corner Wound up as a spring

Piercing eyes that flash are shimmering Muscles are all contorted

Claws dug in the dirt

Every ounce of fiber on alert

And all the pressure that's been building up For all the years it bore the load

The cracks appear, the frame starts to distort It's ready to explode



~ Judas Priest

(Defenders of the Faith - 1984)

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