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I like to browse this site occasionally, it's a treasure trove of history related to various executions (and occasional notable non-executions) of all kinds of people over the centuries.  The author's sense of humor is a lot like mine.  Quite a few feature people like Pedro, who apparently wasn't that important outside of Argentina, but the little guys are not neglected.  The site maintainer said a while back that it was no longer being updated, but fortunately is sill available.  The information about the life and times of the executees is what makes it interesting.  Okey-dokey.  We'll look at some more as we go along, specializing in despots and tyrants large and small. 

The diaspora of south-of-the-border types seems to be getting some people upset. Well, as my buddy Hypcryme observed, the parasites in the urban cesspools have nothing to complain about.  They've been sitting on their asses living in luxury - compared to what they would have left on their own - for generations.  It's been bred into them, and they believe it's their due.  Some may realize that Hispanics are already ahead of the black population as a slice of the population, but mainly it's just racism.  They don't want brown people getting what they believe is rightfully theirs, even it it's a drop in the bucket of the trillions they've absorbed.  And of course the Hispanic population isn't 90% parasites and in fact many become conservatives before long.  I expect a lot of the stuff in Chiraq was incited by their leaders, who take orders from their white masters. 

One of Joetato's early sexual assault victims has fled the country, taking refuge in Russia.  She was clearly in fear for her life, and for good reason.  Snowden probably would have just gone to prison for life, but today they'd do a away with him without thinking twice. 

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  CHICAGO Published June 1, 2023 4:29pm EDT

Black residents torch Chicago lawmakers over $51 million funding to house migrants: 'Enough is enough'

Council voted 34-13 in favor of allocation to house migrants bussed to city from Texas

Andrew Mark Miller | Fox News





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Why do you care? You got your freebies (SNAP/Medicaid/HUD/EBT) and don't have to work or worry about where your next meal is coming from, and you don't pay taxes. You object to a bunch of foreigners coming in and getting a piece? I object, but I'm the one paying the bill for both of you.



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With all them reparations shouldn't be a all have met your match...people of color from the south...enjoy...





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Chicago you called your city a Sanctuary City to protect illegal aliens even murderers from being deported so now you complaining then you elect a mayor worse than Lightfoot Shame on you Signed a home born Chicagoan retired



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