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I agree, but I agree with Vox about 90% of the time.  I heard today, not for the first time that Vladimir Putin may be in some way a servant of the Almighty.  Not a tool, but by choice.  Dunno, he is acting in opposition to Satan and and his attacks, and is hated more for this reason than for any military threat.  Here's a typical reference.  And Christian Nationalism is something that really terrifies the cabal in this country. 

As for Clown World, I sense fear there, where there is enough intelligence to fear.  Most of its minions are of very low intelligence, most are average at best and so don't know enough or how to analyze what they do know to see the threat. 

As for the deep state tool Comey, I've seen his books in Dollar Tree, along with those by Madeleine Albright and Samantha Powers.  Enough said, except to note that the old hag Albright, one the dimmest bulbs (Janet Yellen may be dimmer) has thankfully assumed room temperature.  One of the more disgusting specimens, probably more so because the nature of the crop has deteriorated to the point that she is no longer unusual.  Comey is a pure criminal type, who chose what he believes is the winning team.  He's young enough that if he is proven wrong, he will have a lot of time to ponder his misjudgment in prison.  Of course if Joetato "wins" again, he might get a job in the new regime. 

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  JAMES COMEY Published June 4, 2023 2:43pm EDT

Ex-FBI director James Comey on

2024 race: 'It has to be Joe Biden'

Former FBI Director James Comey claims Russia wants to see Donald Trump return to the White House

By Danielle Wallace | Fox News






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The last paragraphs demonstrates the intrinsic treason of this clown and his ilk. Joetato is exactly the president Putin and Xi want, if they can't get someone weaker. Joetato is a complete tool of the deep state and is working towards the Beijing regime, more so than Moscow since Russia is close to being as free as the U.S. People like him should read "Darkness at Noon" and see what happens to the tools once the regime they worked to install is in control.





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Comey should be picking which prison he would prefer to go to

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- but instead he's at the side of the

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