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Not the FBI.  No one there has enough sense to be afraid, which is probably more of a good thing than a bad thing.  If they could see what they're up against if they do try it now, or in the next year, they wouldn't.  If the election goes south next year - Joetato or another dim tool installed - all bets are off.  Maintaining half of Congress or even taking both will do no good.  With enforcement power in the hands of the communists they may well go for it.  And the FBI is by no means the dumbest, and they try to pass off preppie-type guys in shorts and polo shirts with Tiki torches as white supremacists. Whether or not they believe they're fooling anyone besides the brain-dead consumers of state-run media "news" or not, they seem to believe they'll get away with it.

But some are afraid things may not be going so well.  As the free states pass laws against child grooming and sexual mutilation, and the blue cesspools pass laws permitting - actually requiring parents to allow it - they see the free states as a vast reservoir of children immune to their cancer.  And as population flees those states for the red states their gains are meaningless.  Except to the ones trapped there.  So they lash out vainly against those who oppose them, and the lawsuits filed in free states against the anti-grooming laws will not likely survive very far up the judicial food chain.  Of course if a communist president is installed, and a couple of Supreme Court seats open up, that could change.

It is to be hoped that before the point which the regime sends in armed forces to put children into state schools and confiscate gas appliances and eliminate gas-burning vehicles there will be a sufficient force to meet it, even without a united effort by the states.  I suspect there will be some of both, much as I would hate to see it.

I wonder if the free states will become a mecca for purebloods, or those seeking cleansing from their own mistakes.  The supply is likely to be better there, as that is where most of the purebloods are.

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 FBI Published June 7, 2023 6:55pm EDT
FBI willing to allow all House Oversight Committee members to view Biden doc alleging criminal scheme: source
House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is set to begin contempt of Congress hearings Thursday for FBI Director Christopher Wray
By Brooke Singman. Jake Gibson | Fox News
19 seconds ago
Seems the cat is about to be let out by someone, so those officially allowed to see it will be blamed for the "leak". Or the leak may be by the FBI, to get ahead of it, prepare the state-run media to deal with it, and still blame the committee members who saw it. These people are really not very smart, but unfortunately too few people are paying attention. Even while Koestler's "Darkness at Noon" is being played out in plain view - as much view is possible into the Jan 6 gulag and the show trials - they still don't see it. The fact that the minions of the state will be liquidated once their side has won doesn't register.
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release the documents
let my people go
release the documents
let my people go
release the documents
let my people go
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