While the amount of crime - much of it fatal - committed by professional "athletes" failed or otherwise - may not be as great as that committed by illegal aliens, it is considerable.  And an innocent person, often several persons at once, killed by these vile specimens of human debris is a an innocent person, killed - often violently and gruesomely - by a person who by all rights should not be running at large.  It is a person who, through no fault of their own, had their life ended by a person worth less than the most odious form of animal live, say a skunk.

But who bears the guilt?  Certainly the people who allow hordes of barely human - the behavior of many of these people is certainly subhuman - creatures to flood across the borders and not only populate the cesspools of the cities but roam the highways out among the unsuspecting citizens, randomly wreaking destruction that destroys entire families is responsible.  The politicians who fail to control the situation are responsible.  The people who vote for them, contribute money to their campaigns, are guilty.  How far down the food chain does the guilt go.  Does it fall on those who have failed to act? Even if the necessary action is unlawful?  At some point failure to act, no matter what the action, transfers some guilt to the non-actor.

Of course the owners of sports teams and the advertisers who support them are guilty, but is not every person who attends a professional football game - or for that matter a college game - also guilty?  Perhaps there will never be the awakening of enough people to put them out of business, but giving them one dollar or one pair of eyeballs is a sin, and some of the guilt of Henry Ruggs and his ilk stains the soul.

And of course the judges (and often juries) who allow this filth to escape justice are guilty.  In any sane world, sanity implying the rule of decency and justice, Henry Ruggs should serve life without parole. Instead he got a maximum of ten years in prison and is unlikely to serve half that.  There is some comfort in knowing that the books will be balanced, to the penny, some day, but the waiting is hard.

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  USC TROJANS Published June 8, 2023 5:42pm EDT

Ex-USC football player Joshua Jackson Jr arrested, charged with raping 3 women

By Paulina Dedaj | Fox News

Jackson being held on $1.4 million bail




20 seconds ago

If only he'd made it to the National Felons League. He could have bought a 80K Corvette with his first million, gotten stinking drunk and rear-ended an innocent young woman at 150+, causing her to burn to death as rescue workers tried in vain to free her from the buring car. Henry Ruggs, never forget, never forgive.

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4 minutes ago


Women need to come forward immediately while the evidence is fresh, these long term ambushes are beginning to look suspect.



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BeProud You'reARebel

5 minutes ago

Where da white women at?




SaltyLibbie Tears

5 minutes ago

He should identify as an illegal immigrant.

For every action there is a reaction, for every good an evil, for every strength a weakness, and for every injustice there is somewhere a final justice. Mack Bolan

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