It isn't just France.  All of western Europe and Scandinavia has been committing suicide for a decade or better now.  The influx of human debris contaminates the smaller population more quickly than here.  Here's the numbers:

1    United Kingdom    66,040,229
2    France (metropolitan)    65,058,000
3    Netherlands    17,249,632
4    Belgium    11,420,163
5    Ireland    5,123,536
6    Luxembourg    602,005
7    Monaco    38,300

Total         165,265,329

1    Denmark    5,894,687
4    Finland    5,587,442
3    Norway    5,509,591
2    Sweden    10,261,767

Total         27,253,487

Europe and Scandinavia don't have deluge at the southern border, but their smaller and more homogeneous populations aren't prepared for even relatively small numbers.  And of course here the scum mostly coalesces into pools, mostly in the large cities, and we've gotten used to it over time, our people raped/robbed/murdered by the invaders.  It's more shocking to those who have until lately enjoyed little exposure.  So So this and this in France, in the last couple of days, has some people shaken. But it's only going to get worse.

One wonders, or at least this one does, why they bother.  The FBI runs an operation to get a couple of dimwits who are upset about the alien invasion and spends the time and money to get them to do something they can be arrested for.  It made Fox news, MSLSD and the other state-run media are too busy salivating over Trump's latest claustrophobic experience.  Walls closing in, ya'know.  I suspect the FBI is as disorganized as the rest of the regime, with people doing whatever strikes their fancy on any given day. "Mass shooting", or "militia conspiracy", whatever.

From a discussion about making it illegal for parents in Kalifornia gender-affirm to fail to their children.  Okey-dokey.

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BORDER SECURITY Published June 10, 2023 10:40am EDT

Militia members wanted to 'start a war' at the border, murder migrants and Border Patrol agents: Prosecutors

By Adam Shaw | Fox News

The men allegedly said 'we're out to shoot to kill'




16 seconds ago

You know long it takes for the Federal Baby Incinerators to find a couple of guys dumb enough to be groomed for a cheap stunt like this? Two to three agents per "perp", thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours (OK, FBI types don't really qualify as men) that's a lot of work for a day of exposure on Fox. Well, a week on MSLSD and the Commie News Network, but the few watching are so dimwitted they have no idea what it is about. It does show the desperation and fear of the regime.



4 minutes ago


This is just the beginning. The Blood of Good Citizens is at the Boiling Point. From immigration to a Double Standard from DOJ, Judges, FBI etc. How much can we take.





4 minutes ago

Are we talking about the same FBI who lied about Richard Jewel? The same FBI that had a director who kept records on all the politicians? The same FBI who lied to the FISA courts three times? The same one that lied about Russian Collusion? The same FBI who targets parents at school board meetings? ...See




For every action there is a reaction, for every good an evil, for every strength a weakness, and for every injustice there is somewhere a final justice. Mack Bolan
´╗┐ J

So much for the true north strong and free. They're destroying the free part.




2 minutes ago

My 7 year old said he is a pirate. I amputated a leg for the pegleg, a hand for the hook and I blinded him

in one eye for the patch. That is affirming his identity, right? Who is listening to these people?



2 minutes ago



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