Karma's a bitch, some say. This silly person worked for Pilllosi to create the travesty she is now complaining about.
My husband and I met on Capitol Hill and the ACA was one of our first battles together. Theoretically, I should be able to navigate this system with ease. But now, as I fight the system from the bedside, one thing is clear, insurers still run the show. They continue to swiftly change their models to increase their bottom line, faster than government can react.
She blames the Medical Industry for exploiting the law she helped create at their bidding.

Seems the guy - Ukrainian oligarch? - who bribed Joetato and began the flow of hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money - well, borrowed money to be paid by taxpayers one day, in theory - to the cesspool of corruption that is Ukraine. Which leads to: this. They are so far in over their heads that even writing off Taiwan won't save them.

Folks I know are wondering when the draft will be restarted. The Army beyond being unable to handle the smallest foreign adventures. Question is, will they do it before the election? It's one of the few things that could cause an electoral shift that can't be managed with the present fraud apparatus, since it relies on about 40% or so of the population remaining in their stupor.

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 "You've heard the example of boiling a frog, haven't you?" Gordon asked. "Yeah." Jessica said. "Slowly. The way we've been taken over."

"There's another example that uses boiling water." Gordon said. "You've seen it, if you fill a pan with water, as if to boil eggs. As the water heats, you can see bubbles form on the bottom of the pan, nearest the heat source. A few, and then more. A lot more, and first one rises to the top. Then another, and more. And then suddenly..."

"The water is boiling."

"Exactly. The regime sees the occasional bubble, even sees them become more frequent. Then the whole thing erupts. And all the while, it never occurs to them to turn off the heat. Until it's too late."

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