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She's 54 and a lieutenant general.  Pretty good for anyone, but you can bet she got put ahead of plenty of better candidates.  Of course it is the 'space force' and making speeches (written by the public affairs and office and carefully vetted) and having her photo taken is most of her work.  And attending meetings, lots of meetings, a lot of talk and nothing actually getting done.  One staff position after another, no useful experience.  Someone observed that most of the people who benefit from 'affirmative action' are white women.  Probably accurate, and in the armed forces it is especially true. Like my buddy, I saw it in the 80s, women would be retained at almost any cost, shuffled from one position to another as they screwed up and couldn't be disciplined or dismissed except in the absolute worst cases.  I had to cover for some of them, fixing their screwups if I couldn't prevent them in time.

Doubt she's a lez though, most women in there are sexually normal.  Or were, I suppose in the past few years the quotas fof lesbians has gone up. As a percentage of women?  Hmm, dunno.  Lesbians were fairly rare in my day.  Of course they got booted out if they were caught doing their thing.

Given that the armed forces will not be saving us from anything it hardly matters.  There soon will be too few to muck things up in other parts of the world, and even if the entire force is compromised a couple million - mentally ill and physically out of shape at that - will not be enough to suppress whatever the eventual explosion here is.  If it happens.  I always hope it doesn't, but the communists are not going to let part of the country go off and do its own thing.  It might work for a while, as long as tax money is funneled from the free states to the parasite population that will make up most of the blue states, but at some point even that will fail.

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MILITARY Published June 15.2023 1:41pm EDT

Space Force general decries 'anti- LGBTQ+' laws at Pentagon Pride event, claims they affect hiring decisions

Lt Gen DeAnna Burt claimed such laws 'could be dangerous' for members of the military

By Brandon Gillespie | Fox News



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This is what happens when you put a woman who was the beneficiary of relaxed gender hiring quotas charge of hiring. They want others like herself to benefit from minority quotas.






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I enlisted in the AF in 1978, they were beginning their female quota push, I forget what the goal was considerable. Something like 20% then. By the time my four year was up I was ready to go already seen the deterioration in standards required to achieve it. I noticed that black,... See more Reply


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big trouble if this woman is typical of senior military officers....


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