No surprise

Happens every Juneteenth, in the same places if happens every other day.

There is some hope, as having the cesspools on the California coast drained even a little would help.  To be sure massive amounts of taxpayer money would be wasted, but if there was a serious decline in population it would be nice.  Except that the dead could continue voting, usually multiple times.

If there isnt'a a serious backlash against the causes, the end of the Republic really is close.  A Republic in name, but whatever is left won't resemble one.

Apparently the "migrants" wanted to go somewhere other than Greece, and the Greek coast guard wasn't offering that option.  So they drowned.  It is tempting to condemn them for invading other countries and destroying their societies, but those countries like our own have the ability to stop it but refuse.  They are doing harm to the people for whom they claim to have compassion, many women and children enticed by smugglers, to become victims of slavery and sex-trafficking. And the human debris among them are raping, robbing and killing the indigenous western Europeans and Scandinavians who let them in.

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HOLIDAY BLOODBATH Violence spirals on Juneteenth and Father's Day weekend with teen and soldier among 10 killed in shootings that hurt 44
Chris Bradford
Published: 9:55 ET, Jun 20 2022 | Updated: 12:39 ET, Jun 20 2022

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