As expected, the regime put on a show for the (intellectually) unwashed and the sheeple, in case any of them vote and.  The transparency of their amateur dirty tricks makes one wonder, do they really think most people are that stupid?   Well, about 30-40% are, but they're a lost cause and don't enter any serious discussion.  The question if whether there will be enough movement in the "undecided" sector, and enough of it to overcome the fraud apparatus.  It will have to be big, very big. 

It didn't escape the notice of the Afram population, not that it's likely to matter.  But certainly there is anger at the white guy skating, even if it was a foregone conclusion being the son of the Democrat head of the regime.  Certainly anyone attached to a Republican president, if there ever is another one, would not get a break.  Even under a Republican administration he would be held accountable.

But there are a lot of black folks not too happy, and more than one pointed it out, while Spartacus deflected and evaded when presented with the question.  Certainly Joetato is responsible for a lot of black people being in prison for trivial crimes.. But will that make a difference?  Not likely.  Like white people who vote for Democrats, black people (who are treated with contempt not only by the white communists who treat them as nothing more that a pool of votes to be harvested at election time) never seem to react as one would expect.  So probably not this time either. 

Still don't think Joetato is going to make it to November next year.  Will they try Weekend at Bernie's or a body double.  Crazy as they are, a body double wouldn't surprise me at all.  And being elected wouldn't either.  Wonder what would happen then? 

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 Did you know that Donald Trump Jr. was named a director to Ukraine's largest private gas producer following a Ukrainian visit by President Trump?

Trump later threatened to withhold $1 BILLION in US aid to Ukraine if they didn't fire a prosecutor looking into Don Jr's company.



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