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He's right, generally.  There are any number of possibilities.  I don't know if the cabal paying the Wagnerians to oust Putin is feasible, not that they wouldn't try. Certainly the desperation is there, sufficient to try anything, just throw stuff at the wall and see if something will stick.  The Wagnerians might actually have designs on Russia, take the whole thing.  Can they do it?  Unlikely, which is why my friend doesn't think it will work.  More likely friction between Russian military leaders, who are probably as corrupt as those in the west, but probably not as incompetent. 

Putin has that weird light around him, like Trump.  He may be an instrument for some plan that even he doesn't know about. 

It seems though, that Joetato is on the way out over here.  Whether because the puppet masters are beginning to realize he is probably not physically viable, or because there are too many cracks in the machine now to be confident of pulling off another "election" it seems they are ready to try something else. Newscum is said to be immersing himself in patriot culture - watching and listening to and reading conservative media - in order to be able to fool enough of them to pull a Slick Willie.  I think we may be past that, but it doesn't mean they can't rig another election.  Only a massive awakening that would cost them a lot of the normally reliable votes would make a Republican victory possible. 

Of course if RFK runs as a third party, he would probably have a Perot effect, this time cutting into the dim votes.  If he lived long enough, and that is very unlikely. 

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 RUSSIA Published June 24, 2023 8:44am EDT
Wagner Group forces said to be advancing towards Moscow after capturing Russian military facilities: reports
Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin's 'march for justice' is heading towards Moscow as rebel group attempts to oust Russian defense leaders
By Chris Pandolfo | Fox News
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The problem with mercenaries is they're for sale. If the cabal can throw billions down the tubes to destroy the U.S. (Tranhueser Bush, Targay, etc.) they can afford to pay quite a bit to turn Russia's mercs against it. It may be their only chance to stop the war in Ukraine before the US/Euro coalition is bankrupted. Doubt it will work.
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You're looking at the inevitability of what will happen in the US should these anti-patriotic left liberals and their friendly Democrat counterparts continue with the 'tail wagging the dog' policies. So similar to what happened leading up to the civil war when the Republicans demanded the freedom of the slaves in the south and the Democrats would never have it. It is always the Liberals that stir the pot and create the havoc. I saw a listing of activities in the last few years with the left responsible for over 100 incidences of rape, theft, murder and destruction and on the right side of the piece of paper was Jan. 6th. That's what happens when there is no representation for the taxes we pay!! Not to mention that we no longer have a trustworthy FBI or CIA.
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