Pretty well covers it 

This pretty well covers it.  Not that we don't already know it, there are dozens of others saying it.  Pick a half-dozen substacks linked to from patriot sites and you'll find more knowledge and wisdom than you get from all the politicians and pundits of either side. And few if any on the right side have the depth of these people, who number in the thousands and reach millions, is considered a serious threat by the communists.  And it is, as it is uncontrollable, thus far not going the way of Facebook, pre-Musk Twitter, and Youtube by canceling any opposition to the regime.  While the - call it 30-50 million - consumers no doubt has a lot of overlap with the talk radio audience, the prepper community, and the thus-far passive opposition, it is a partial overlap, so the 30-50 million is only a part of the resistance.  While that ensures that the dreams of taking the country into the darkness without a fight, it doesn't mean it won't be ugly.

Prigozhin: The US/NATO guys offered me six billion to take you down.

Putin: Really, how will they account for spending that money?

Prigozhin: Your kidding, right.

Putin: Of course.  What are you going to do?

Prigozhin: Half sound OK?

Putin: Sounds good to me.

I don't know if it went that way.  There was that six billion or so 'accounting error' the other day.  The chances that Prigozhin had a beef with someone are probably about even that the cabal tried to buy him and got taken.  That it would be a wasted effort is certain, but they're apparently really not that smart.  They continue moving pieces trying to make something happen, but too many pieces are doing their own thing.

Text in images

Tango Seven to Romeo Niner, be advised there may be an incursion at 32-18.

Read you Tango Seven. Be advised we're about a half a klick west. We'll take a look.

Papa Four to Tango Seven. What's your location?

Tango Seven to Papa Four, be advised we're about fifty meters off Rabbit Road at 21-7.

Papa Four to Tango Seven, be advised some distribution was left in your unit. Can we rendezvous at the cross and retrieve it?

Roger Papa Four. We're headed that way, ETA about seven or eight minutes.

Sierra Charlie to all units. Be advised Bravo Charlie advises all units to discontinue gratuitous use of the term 'be advised'.

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