Angry commies

Not a good day for the communists for sure.  The Supreme dropped a couple of the big ones, no surprise. Quotas are finally officially not allowed, and people can't be compelled by other people (or by he state on behalf of those other people) and the President can't cancel a half trillion in student loans. 

As a very young man I briefly worked in a bank.  Back then the loans were made by banks and guaranteed by the government.  The small bank had a small portfolio of student loans, a dozen or two.  Almost all were the children of wealthy people (I knew most of them) who could have paid them off out of pocket and never miss it.  Most of the loans were always in arrears.  Student loans were a benefit to perhaps 10% of the people who got them - those who got jobs and paid them back.  The other 90% enriched the universities as tuition increased as much as the loans allowed.  And millions of students got useless degrees, often in fields they were not prepared to work in in any case, and had massive debt which they could not pay.  Joetato promised to cancel them, with an election coming up, even as he (the puppeteers actually) knew it was likely to fail when contested in court.  In any case, they will still probably never be paid, or they will be 'paid' by some rearrangement of the trillions of Monopoly money.  Thirty-two trillion, what's one more? 

Another ruling struck down affirmative action.  Again, the targets (universities) will simply find ways around it, but the communists are furious. One rather hilarious - possibly a troll but you never know - commented that "Today's Supreme Court decision is a direct attack on Black people. No Black person will be able to succeed in a merit-based system which is exactly why affirmative-action based programs were needed. Today's decision is a TRAVESTY!!!"

That is after all what the communists believe.  And they don't actually want black people to succeed but to keep them in teeming uneducated masses in the cesspool cities. 

Idi Amin Jr. gave a garbled response to a citizen who got a little testy at an event.  Accused her of treating like a slave on a plantation.  She was a Holocaust survivor.  Oops.  His IQ is somewhere south of the three communist tools on the Supreme Court, and collectively that is below average.  To be sure the tools installed as mayors, district attorneys, etc. in the cesspools aren't very intelligent, but he's stupider than average. 

Disney's financial woes continue, and like they don't seem inclined to survive.  I realize the few billions they're losing, even when it is in the tens of millions, is not much when their masters control trillions, but money alone doesn't cover the societal undercurrent.  They seem not to realize that the so-called boycotts (Bud Lite, Target, etc.) were not organized.   They were organic and spontaneous and the organized attacks of the left, funded with millions, pale by comparison to the natural backlash. 

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 SUPREME COURT Published June 30, 2023 11:18am EDT
Supreme Court rules in favor of Colorado graphic designer who refused to create same-sex wedding websites
Supreme Court case 303 Creative v. Elenis pitted First Amendment freedom against LGBTQ discrimination
By Brianna Herlihy, Ronn Blitzer | Fox News
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Lot of 6-3 decisions now. The three tools, with a collective IQ somewhere south of any one of the other six, will reliably vote against the Constitution, which is why they were put there. Mitch McConnell's one decent act was keeping Garland out, and not Garland is eaten up with rage because his "precious" was stolen from him. Garland Gollum.
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3 minutes ago
Today's trivia question for all of the "proud democrats" is ....How many whining and neurotic pronouns can you fit in a photo in front of the SCOTUS door?
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3 minutes ago
That's enough to make JoeSama rip off his cpap mask!

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