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I'm not the only one thinking this, but wonder how many are.  Got to be quite a few, but the way it plays out is another matter.  Zerohedge has some pretty clear-seeing and clear-thinking people, one reason they're hated, if more quietly, than most outlets.  The cabal doesn't like drawing attention to them, expanding their audience.  Buddy of mine jokes about looking for new sources of good information for searching for things like "disinformation" and "right-wing conspiracy" in Wickedpedia.  Probably something to that. 

Colonel Douglas Macgregor is a pretty sharp guy, and doesn't mind speaking his mind.  The idea of replacing Joetato, probably with Newscum, has been looking likely for a while now.  The writing is on the wall, and why they ever figured on keeping Biden extant, not to mention marginally functional for another year plus says they're not very bright.  Now they're having to deal with the prospect of having to - one way or another - get a backup horse in there. 

Newscum is reportedly trying to pull a Slick Willie , consuming a lot of conservative news and opinion media - that must be painful - in an effort to do what Clinton did in 1992.  Dunno.  Problem is that country was in nowhere near this shape after Bush 41, in fact they had to manufacture a recession (or a credible allegation of one - it never happened) and Bush had already committed suicide with the 'read my lips' fiasco.  Among other things.  And of course Perot made sure to get in and siphon votes, big time.  Today three percent going to a third party could ensure the failure of whichever side lost it.  RFK Jr could take a lot more if he runs third party, maybe as much as Perot.  Or more. 

Kameltoe is easy enough to buy off, and the Democrat nominating process is designed to be rigged, just in case.  So Newscum will be if if they agree on it.  But he represents everything the right really despises, probably more that the left hates Trump, and that's saying something.  And if there is a third party - particularly with RFK but with anyone who can get the money to do it - or even a fourth in the person of Marianne Williamson.  Remember that three percent Nader got?  The dims can't afford even one percent. 

I suspect they're so confident in being able to rig enough close states that it won't matter.  But what if Col. Macgregor is right, and it blows?  I'm not sure if agree with his reasons - he's right about the economy, but banks closing for weeks?  Even a day, if it's all banks.  I can see a large number of big failures, too many to cover as the recent ones have been, and the trickle-down effect causing more pain for the man on the street.  No, not the Burn-Loot-Murder crowd.  Anyway they seem to be busy in France just now. 

As for the violence in the cesspools spilling into the suburbs, that's happening in places.  Could there be a summer of 2020 in 2024?  Easily, and one not engineered by the left and thus not controllable as the 2020 operations were.  And if more suburban areas experience the pain of the parasite population escaping, it could be a factor.  But to get a Republican it will have to be bad, really bad, and enough people still have to realize whose fault it is. 

Ukraine could be a lot worse by then, but short of U.S. troops in country (I know, they've already got intel and special forces in there - advisers in Vietnam sound familiar?) but if they're in there in the open, it could be bad.  Hypcryme theorizes that not only is the draft coming back because of Ukraine + whatever other debacles arise, but they may be so confident or winning that they start it before November of 2024.  I admit I can see it. 

Guess we've got no choice but to wait and see.  One thing is certain, if a Democrat is installed as the next president, whoever it is, the Republic as we know it is finished.  It may still be in one piece, but the cracks will be too many and coming too fast to close them. 

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 The first medevac flight departed. Eventually another blip appeared. "That should be the relief Redtail," said Grant.

"Hi guys."

A female voice, one Chris recognized. Ysabela. On loan from Mantis.

"Hi yourself," he replied. "Glad you could make it."

"You kidding?" Ysabela said. "You only call when you're in a jam."

"Get us out of this one and I'll behave for a week or two."

"Promises. I'll see what I can do."

"Time for me to clear out," said Redtail One.

"Catch you later," Grant replied.

Probably again before this is over, Chris thought.

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