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The cocaine at the White House was a couple of days early, don't they know to do these things on Friday?  If they want it in the news, it gets endlessly talked about by the talking heads watched by no one but the already brain-dead flock (and a few who have to do it so they can describe it) will see it.  There wasn't much else.  The film about human trafficking that equalled - outsold in some markets - the final insult to Indiana Jones.  What would they do anyway, continue with a new actor?  Ford is 80 or so, Clint Eastwood quit doing Dirty Harry films long before that, asking if they expected him to chase criminals using a walker. Miss those though, often wish someone like John Milius (I know, he's too old) would do a reboot with one of Clint's kids - but whether Scott or Kyle, probably I'd go with Scott.  Kyle hasn't done a lot of movies and seems to be into music more these days.  Scott isn't 40 yet, perfect.  I't start with him being a cop, but in San Fransicko today?  Just wouldn't work.  Maybe put him in Texas, introduce the Dirty Harry moniker when a colleague notices who his old man is.  Plenty of material there, only problem is he'd be right popular in Texas.  So does he wield an S&W Model 29?  Mebbe, but not necessary.  Could go with something similar, big wheelgun in .45 Long Colt, and of course a long barrel.  Harry said in Magnum Force something about using 'light special' loads.  Don't know what he meant, off-the-shelf .44 spec or handloads in magnum cases.  Makes sense though, more controllable.  .45 Colt more power, closer to a .44 mag, and bigger bullet.  .452 or so compared to .429 in in the Smith. 

Alright, enough of that.  Hyp is right about the military stuff.  It's been so thoroughly wrecked by now they can't do anything with it.  They go on the ground in Ukraine (officially, we already know about the intel and special forces - remember the advisers in Vietnam?) it's going to be bad.  May be the way to get to a draft, to get some competent forces. Mixing them in with what they have now - mentally ill and perverts to boot - is asking for trouble.  In any case, since they'd have to go to the red states for qualified personnel, and would do so anyway to inflict pain.  And I suspect a lot of them won't go.  Hyp and I were in the 80s, grew up during Vietnam, and if we'd been old enough would have gone.  Our fathers were all in, being deceived by the propaganda of the day, and neither of us would have considered for a minute disappointing and embarrassing our families that way.  What we're telling our young ones, don't go.  Don't volunteer, and be prepared to go somewhere if they try to draft you. 

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 DEFENSE Published July 7, 2023 8:20pm EDT

US military records reveal instructional materials on White privilege, CRT, Black Lives Matter: Watchdog

By Brandon Gillespie | Fox News

Judicial Watch obtained the records as part of a 2022 FOIA request



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I enlisted in 78, they were starting to push AA pretty hard, but it was for women. Black, Latino, Asian, white, whatever men were treated pretty equally. Black personnel got some special treatment in promotions and were cut some slack in discipline that others didn't get. Never was a bad place based on your race, except for whites having to give up a little in favor of affirmative action. Women were not held accountable for performance or discipline problems except as a last resort. They'd move them around (like pedo priests in the RC church) until they finally had to go. Most just didn't reenlist (or if officers not stick around if they were so bad they didn't get promoted).


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Miley was going woke during Afghanistan withdrawal and should resign for such a botched catastrophic withdrawal!

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