Yeah well, you go up against the regime you were part of, knowing what they're doing, you know the risk.  Which surprises me there are any doing it.  And you can be sure there'll be retaliation, even if he folds to the threat.  We can only hope there are more to come, and that they can stay safe.  When you have even minor annoyances fleeing the country - to Russia yet - it's a pretty grim scenario. 

William Schryver has a pretty realistic view, as most of us do.  Whether it goes exactly that way remains to be seen, but it seems close:

1.  Russia will achieve a decisive conclusion to the war on terms they dictate. 

Almost certainly, although the cabal news puppets will manage to whitewash it.  If Trump is elected again, he will have the situation resolved fairly quickly and the result won’t be so bad for the U.S.  Any other Republican president, assuming there can be one, is unlikely to do what has to be done.  It will be a real trick even for Trump but he will succeed.  Which is one more reason the regime has fired another shot. 

2.  NATO is shattered as a military alliance, and coming apart at the seams as a political alliance. 

NATO has been a travesty for years.  When they bombed Serbia to facilitate the establishment of a Muslim regime in Kosovo any remaing credibility was lost with most of us.  But the Ukraine action is suicidal. 

3.  Germany is on a trajectory of becoming a failed state, and as it goes, so will go the incoherent iron and clay mixture of the so-called European Union. 

Germany is pretty much a lost cause, as most of Western Europe is.  This little bit was encouraging, at least in terms of showing that some Germans won't go quietly.  Unfortunately for them and just about everywhere else, there is no way to mount an effective resistance.  Only in the U.S. where thirty million or so armed-to-the-teeth resisters are waiting is that an option. 

4.  The great myth of overwhelming US armaments supremacy has been exposed as little more than a modestly scaled boutique enterprise utterly ill-suited and ill-prepared to prosecute industrial warfare against a peer adversary. 

Pretty much.  Only the propaganda arm of the cabal and the fact that the pain isn't yet bad enough for most to notice.  My experience in Europe (20 years ago to be sure) indicated that a larger part of the population is paying attention, but the population of invaders continues to grow.  If a determined resistance arises in some of these places it could be bloody. 

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 HUNTER BIDEN Published July 18, 2023 7:01pm EDT

FBI tells agent investigating Hunter Biden not to answer certain committee questions about case:


Republicans on House Oversight Committee said former supervisory agent confirmed key portions of

adford Betz | Fox News

whistleblower's testimony f




5 minutes ago

Takes a pretty courageous person to go against the regime. What can the FBI do if a former agent doesn't do as they say? Legally, nothing. But expect midnight SWAT raids, maybe one in which he gets shot 'resisting' and of course IRS audits. Then charges of perjury from Laventriy Beria, aka Merrick Garland and a kangaroo court.







8 minutes ago

"Executive privilege" means don't answer questions that hurt implicate Joe Biden. Reply. Share


8 minutes ago

Take away his coke..then he'll sing

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8 minutes ago

Trust for the FBI must be hovering around 10% nationwide right now..

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