Panic attacks

The panic evident in the antics of the commies when a really big exposure of their depravity occurs is encouraging.  I don't doubt they're confident of victory, but they scare easily.  The usual response greeted this, a little late.  But they do what they can, disregarding the Streisand effect, but they can't just let it go.  They fear the effect of not suppressing dissent more than the increased exposure their efforts bring.

That movie really shook them, even though it never mentioned the involvement of the cabal.  Methinks they protest too much.

Kweisi Mfume was born Frizzell Gerald Gray in Baltimorgue.  A long time ago, I'd lost track of him.  Don't know when he adopted the fake African name, believe that was popular in the '80s maybe.  He's of lower intelligence than average for his kind, and the Demonrats apparently weren't prepared for the show.  I suppose a Congress-person showing pictures of the Joetato's son being serviced by a prostitute (found on his own computer) was a bit unexpected.  So ole Kweezy about lost, tearing up papers and ranting.  Well, he didn't have much to lose. They were pretty panicked for sure.

Not just Jason Aldean with this but around the same time this hit the charts.  That does scare them, coming on the heels of the Bud Lite, Target and other corporate suicide attempts.  Some of which may be successful.  They may realize that these organic unplanned uprisings are far more effective than their staged riots and (usually unsuccessful) boycott attempts, they have no idea what to do about it.  Because they can't.  That is encouraging, maybe Charlie Daniels' Simple Man can enjoy a revival.

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Except for the sheeple, the ones that ain't payin' attention, mostovus think some big stuff happening. What? I dunno, and I suspect a lot of people don't. Includin' the ones that think they makin' it happen. Talking about all the Russia/Ukraine, U.S. government attacking its citizens, western Europe committing suicide doing what our government is telling them to do, using coercion if necessary. BRICS taking a third of the world off to do their own thing. Lots of smaller places throwing off the chains. And so on... OK, back to my Baer Creighton impression: Thinkin' it's like dying snake thing. Killed a few snakes in my time. Lot of them I shouldn't have, just people killed snakes back then. Any snake. Even the harmless ones, which was most of'em. Don't do it now of course. Anyway, you see a snake, grab somethin' to kill it. Usually a garden tool, shovel or something. Not very efficient, you wailin' on the serpent and it thrashin' around, don't know whether to bite the shovel or crawl away. Sometimes in the confusion it bite itself. Like the NWO guys, someone done gone and throwed a monkey wrench into the works, stuff breakin' and parts fallin' off. These people ain't the smartest people. Just think they are. Dunno how to fix it. Get it back on track. Ain't gonna. And that's about it.

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