Snow White and the seven diversities

The insanity on the left continues. Buttwiper and Targay and a dozen smaller ones, not so much that they don't notice but the CEOs and boards of these companies are rewarded with massive salaries and bonuses from the cabal that has trillions to spend, and are they ever spending it.  The thousands of little people who lose their jobs are a bonus as the ultimate objective is destruction, especially of the little people. 

For me the reaction to "Sound of Freedom" was a bit unexpected.  After all the creators only wanted to save the children, something the left invokes endlessly.  So the nerve it hit was increasing awareness in millions of people who might otherwise not have cared.  Most will probably forget quickly, and many already have.  But it's too much even to have it noticed. 

So it is that Snow White gets the treatment.  One might say that Snow White now really is a fairy tale, one concocted in the childish minds of the diversity hires at the entertainment companies.  Heard someone say today that a good idea for an airline startup would be something called 'Merit Air', hire competent and experienced pilots, which should be plentiful as they exit the airlines either because they're replaced by diversity hires or have to share a cockpit with one.  There've been some incidents already - as in fatal crashes - but not a big one that takes out a whole bunch of passengers.  It's coming, not that it will be that way in the "news". 

A friend sent me the pic, sounds about right.  Whether they get the war going before everything crashes is hard to say.  If in the next year half, likely more, of the world has a choice between not just dollars but digital dollars and a gold-backed medium of exchange will be interesting to see.  At whatever point Clown World is actually being defeated - on the battlefield or economically - some of them are likely to completely lose it.  And given the below average intelligence of those running the show here, along with an apparent inability to get on the same page for any length of time...

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