Something's coming....

Right after the revelation of yet more Joetato corruption the deep state minion tacked on some more indictments to the ever-how-many there were on Trump.  I have to suspect a considerable amount of fear there, as they frantically - and amateurishly - try to prevent him from being elected a third time.  Don't think that if he does win again the 22nd amendment will be invoked even though it would mean admitting he won last time.  In any case he wasn't elected as it wasn't made official.  But they really are that dumb. 

I have no idea if Trump - or any Republican - will ever be elected again.  The enemy seems to think it a possibility.  The only likely way would be RFKjr running third party, and maybe a fourth party for good measure. 

Of course knowing they killed his father and uncle it might be relatively easy for them to dissuade him.  Williamson alone probably couldn't do it, even if Ralph Nader did some damage with only about three percent of the vote.  Things are crazy enough anything could happen.

No matter what we're close to the edge.  What's below is hard to predict, but millions of potential guerillas are hunkered down out there in flyover country, and there's no way to stop them from making the regime ungovernable.  I do like the idea of the cities cut off and the hordes of parasites trapped in there with their masters. 

In any case it looks like a bunch of low-intelligence - I'm talking average tops - people with the maturity of junior high kids playing with dangerous toys.  Bad days ahead indeed, just a question of who they're badder for. 

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   DONALD TRUMP Published August 1, 2023 5:25pm EDT
Trump indicted on charges out of Special Counsel probe into Jan. 6
This is the second federal indictment Trump faces out of Special Counsel Jack Smith's investigation
By Brooke Singman | Fox News
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The absurd thing is the fact that the only thing the USA really had going for it vis-a-vis the challenges posed by China and Russia was the perception of it holding the moral high ground with regards to "freedom and democracy". But the perceived moral high ground has now gone the way of its European majority and its industrial capacity. Enjoy the show. It's unusual to have the chance to witness a global empire in the process of collapsing.
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Law enforcement at all levels is corrupt.
You did this!
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