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In MacArthur's Freehold Gordon and Jessica are discussing the decay that led to the rebellion.  He mentions the the boiling frog metaphor.  He then says that if you fill a pan with water, as if to boil eggs, and heat it the first sign it is near the boiling point is one or two small bubbles sticking to the bottom.  As the temperature increases more bubbles form, some breaking loose and rising to the surface.  Before long the surface is roiling.  Gordon says that bubbles have been coming to the surface for years, individually or one or two or three at a time. The regime saw them, he says, but ignored them believing the situation was under control and there was no danger.

Of course the creation of the League of Freeholds had been going on since the 1980s and was already capable of shutting down the country, and the numerous independent bubbles was a bonus.  I don't know if something like that is in the works - if so I hope they remain well hidden for another two or three years.  At which point we're gonna hope they're there.

A couple of bubbles in the system are the judges in the attempted Hunter Biden whitewash and the planned Jan 6 show trial in Florida.  In each case the judge isn't having it.  How much good it will do is questionable.  There's enough that our version of the Bastille should already be surrounded by peasants with something more effective than pitchforks.  And obviously a few million good ole boys with enough weaponry - and there's plenty of both - will cause some serious carnage and conflagrations before it's over.  I wonder if about ten percent of the army that couldn't handle at most two or three million Southeast Asian malcontent peasants can handle ten times that many.  The Viet Cong were supported by the Russians and the Chicoms.  Does the government seriously believe they won't support the partisans?  Probably.  And with the army now full of mentally and physically defective types, and the good ones leaving...  hard to feel sorry for them.  Of course they may have the draft going again before that, or restarting it might be one of the last straws.

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