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Fri 11 Aug 2023 09:54:22 PM CDT : 1691808862

Another one

Well, they did it again. A seventy-something year old man, five foot four and three hundred pounds and crippled (at five-seven and two hundred I wasn't doing so well) man in a convenient location (Joetato was about to visit) got stupid on Fakebook and instead of the usual Secret Service visit and probably arrest he got an FBI swat team.  Shot him dead and laid his body out on the sidewalk to make sure people get the message.  People who get stupid about the government in a places like Fakebook aren't too bright to begin with, or if they once were they now clearly have mental problems.  Easy kill, some of the goons got to have some fun killing an old deranged crippled fat man.  Nice. 

As any number of people besides me have observed, having a few mentally impaired people offer themselves as targets may make the regime feel like they're preventing the millions of sane people who see if and just know they have to be extra careful.  They dig in a little deeper and stay quiet. 

The regime apparently the sudden death effects of the Quackzine - heart attacks in very young healthy people - needs to be addressed.  So now it's long Covid.  Really long, if they've had it for two years with no symptoms and then drop dead.  Okey-dokey.  

The infamous Sackler family was all set to skate with letting a few of their ill-gotten billions go but apparently they're not quite done.  Don't see as it matters much what they finally do with the bankruptcy.  The perpetrators pay no price aside from the financial loss.  This is the sort of thing that should see some people doing serious prison time.  C'est la vie in what may well be the most corrupt society of its size.  The billion something Chinese are ruled by a few evil people, India is kind of a mess in some ways but here the corruption has permeated deeper.  Probably why it's too late to save the Republic by political means. 

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MEDIA Published August 11, 2023 11:53am EDT James Carville rages at 'No Labels' for offering 'f---ing bulls--t' to Americans
By Gabriel Hays | Fox News
Centrist 'No Labels' group flirting with third-party presidential bid
1 minute ago
Ole Serpent Head knows there's already a slight chance a Republican, especially if it's Trump, can actually win despite the rigging and serial recounting as a last resort. If there's a third and maybe a fourth party it's a near certainty. Putting some money into those campaigns would be a good idea for a very rich patriot, if there are any. Ralph Nader sank Algore's attempt with about 3%.
3 minutes ago
James is typical government employee mindset doesn't understand basic supply and demand principles. When the demand can't find the supply it needs it creates the product. The democrats have dove into theocratic communist and Middle East style leadership. Kingdomehood using propganda and more to gar...See more
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