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OK, you can...

turn off auto-correct on your phone, but who does it? I can deal with it, and it's useful. Or is there a feature I don't know about (quite possible) that adapts to non-human languages?

WARNING: The following conversation made public by the Escambia County Sheriff's Office contains explicit language and violence. Fox News Digital did not correct the messages for incorrect grammar, punctuation or spelling.

Keith: "S--- ain't do nun but cost me money and gave me a ------- I'm fin just shoot her Ik I hate that for [daughter] buh like I said I can't take it idgaf Nomo."

Sheila: "Ok."

Sheila: "Ok I'll call you and tell you mf if you want to go to jail I'll tell you when we get close but if you don't come kill her you a mf b----."

Sheila: "Don't call nanny and tell her she will try and talk you out of it."

Keith: "Ian even gon tell her y I left." "I'm just say I gotta go to the dentist."

Sheila: "Don't even go there she won't know you left." "Don't shoot at my mf car I don't want to die."

Keith: "I'm not"

Sheila: "Wait till I put her out."

Keith: "I was gon wait till she got out."

Sheila: "Ok".

Keith: "Buh that's another thing if she don't get out that car momma and I have to drag her out or can't ima ask u to step out Cuz I'm open the door jus shoot her."

Sheila: "As long as you don't shoot me."

Sheila: "Hell if you getting off work now I'll give you the address here and you can ride over here and do it so you don't have to do it in front of [daughter]."

Keith: "Send it to me"

Sheila: "We just in Pensacola."

Keith: "I'm otw send it"

Sheila: "Hold up let me get it erase the texts cause I don't want nobody to know I was texting you stupid a--."

Keith: "I already deleted mine trust me ian gon say s--- abt us even tlkin td."

Keith: "wats the address"

Sheila: "I can't wait to get back to that store to give you the address cause you gonna have to shoot me today I done told you about cussing me."

Keith: "All I want is that address momma I'm done tlkin I done tlked enough Ik wats gonna happen and I'm ok with that I done already been thinkin it thru and this the only way for me idk why u so quick to start s--- wit me buh again must be scared of Brooklyn or sum idk."

Keith: "She gon be onna floor right?"

Sheila: "waiting on you"

Keith: "I'm saying I'm gone have to find her in the back or sum?"

Sheila: "Nope"

Keith: "Ok"

Keith: "Stay out my way"

Sheila: "I am"

Keith: "Lol man get off my phone all I needed was that address leave me alone finish yo work day And you is to I forgot just me"

Keith: "So that last thought of her knowin she f----d and the regret in her face will b enough to satisfy me idgaf what she see wen she dead, Yes tf she do How tf I'm pick her up when yo sorry a-- tryna go gamble or hang in Jackson and she don't pick up the phone, Nah that ain't even gon fly she a jus die before I let that continue."

Sheila: "Ok whatever Idc do what you do idgaf. Cause I'm going home today not to hell or to jail."

Keith: "good for u"

Sheila: "Ok then stop texting me I'm working. Do whatever you want to do. It don't affect me either f-----g way."

Millions of those things.  Cost of existence for something that contributes absolutely nothing - not one dollar in taxes paid, nothing produced, always consuming 24/7/365. I don't want to know the per unit cost of maintenance alone (food stamps, medical, etc) but....

Spending on largest Welfare Programs - Federal Spending 2003-2013
2003 2013

Medicaid and CHIP Grants to States 201,389 266,565
Food Stamps (SNAP) 61,717 82,603
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) 40,027 55,123
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 38,315 50,544
Housing assistance 37,205 49,739
Child Nutrition Program 13,558 20,842
Support Payments to States, TANF 28,980 20,842
Feeding Programs (WIC & CSFP) 5,695 6,671
Low Income Home Energy Assistance 2,542 3,704

Total 429,428 556,633
Spending in millions of dollars

That's just for feeding them.  Housing adds almost as much.  Total welfare is over two trillion, nearly half the total budget.  Add in the costs of arrests and incarceration, property destruction and other costs of their assault on society and it gets worse.  But the destruction of human life is incalculable. 

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