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Fri 18 Aug 2023 07:46:01 PM CDT

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jokes about Hawaii.  Don't think about it often.  But it's in the news a bit lately, on account of the fires.  A textbook case of blue state incompetence and corruption from the looks of it.  They quickly decided they needed a billion dollars from the taxpayers, and the fires aren't out yet.  Or some new ones started. 

Maui is the next to largest island in Hawaii, had to Google since like I said... anyway it has about 10% of the population of the state, maybe a bit less.  Hawaii is a Democrat cesspool , and far away so it doesn't get in the news much.  When it does it's usually about one of the nutjobs they send to Congress. 

It's tempting to not care, but there probably some decent people there and it's horrible for people to die in these things.  More so when it could have been avoided.  Abraham negotiated to save Sodom and Gomorrah for as few as ten people, but I'd like to think Hawaii isn't that far gone.  I'd like to think so. 

It seems one of the Jan 6 birds has flown the coop.  He wasn't locked up, seems he was injured by the maltreatment and was let out on house arrest.  I hope he gets well hidden and stays that way until the situation is rectified - whether by pardons or convictions being overturned after the Republic returns to its senses.  Even one or two escaping is a small victory. 

Someone said the other day, probably wasn't the first to think of it, that Tim McVeigh (according to the official version) blew up a building and killed 168 people (or 169 - apparently there was an extraneous body part or two) because of the murders of 76 or so members of a weird religion (20 or so children) at Waco and the murders of the wife and teenaged son of Randy Weaver. 

Now there's a thousand-plus citizens locked up and some going to be in prison for quite a few years to teach people not to object to the growing tyranny.  How many of that thousand, he asked, will come out even angrier than McVeigh?  Potentially quite a few I'd guess.  I spent four months in a hospital and in two years I haven't got all my affairs straight.  Can't imagine what someone having years of their life taken away thinks when they come out.  Their life pretty much all gone, what's to live for except revenge.  Maybe the Republic won't fall next year and they can get some justice, but I'm not holding my breath. 

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