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Wed 23 Aug 2023 09:45:07 PM CDT


Is it the least relevant event of the next couple of years or will the succeeding ones be even more so?  The eight contestants are a pretty decent guy, a really good governor the commies fear as much as Trump, one of the most pathetic governors of any state in recent memory, an ethnically appropriate candidate according to the left but a neocon, the former vice president who would sell his soul as quickly as anyone but is motivated more by hatred for Trump than anything else, another corrupt former governor who is motivated almost entirely by Trump-hatred, another governor who seems pretty decent but doesn't have what it takes to get the nomination, much less win the election, and finally a guy who is pretty smart and articulate - dare I say clean as well - who has consistency issues. 

The hilarious thing is Trump, who didn't bother to attend is probably being watched by more people than are watching the debate as he does an interview with Tucker Carlson.  Carlson is scary smart and certainly in the top five of those the commies fear.  Of course Tucker's audience is the more intelligent and informed, the debate-watchers being largely sheeple who actually think another untainted election is possible.  If the next president is a dim the Republic is a republic in name only.  But if even 10% of the 70 million watching Tucker's interview tonight are the ones who won't go quietly they'll make it interesting.  My guess is it'll be nasty and the bad guys won't win.  Whether the winners are as vindictive as they should be remains to be seen. 

In other news, Putin's chef is rumored to have paid the price for his folly, but no confirmation yet.  The upcoming Plandemic II is getting resistance right off the bat.  We'll see how that works out.  It's good to be in a safe state, really safe as the pathetic governor referenced above is no longer here, but you can count on the Medical Industry to go nuts, so no visiting industry facilities without the face diaper.  How others will react remains to be seen, but I would guess that at least part of the private sector will opt out. 

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